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Not So Big Brave Bird…

If you have not read Big Brave Bird on August 8, you will need to in order for today’s post to make sense. My sweet little friend that visited on my porch several days in a row, “Robin”, came back yet another day early one morning. I think she might have been there all night. She was sitting on the back of the chair, which seems to be her favorite spot – protected with a good view! As I turned to quickly get the camera she flew over to the bush just off the porch.


After her photo shoot I noticed the gift she had left me below her favorite chair! Pretty crappy gift if you ask me!

“The Crappy Little Gift”

Well, I began to get the real story of Robin. In our days together, the truth about her story came to the surface. She, along with other birds in the neighborhood, have been eating berries out of a tree. These berries have an intoxicating power on these precious little creatures. She was not able to fly high and steady because she was under the influence. Her Big Brave Bird facade was not as it appeared. One of her little friends “fell” out of a small tree near the sidewalk and then crawled into the bushes right when a neighborhood bird dog was walking by with his owner! It was quite a scene. I have not seen Robin since that day. Possibly she sobered up or decided to find a new circle of friends.

Today, I spent the morning and then a lovely lunch with a small group of colleagues/friends. We have been reading a book about how the brain learns math. That topic was okay for a spell, but then we turned to talking about life, friends, and the need for a “circle of friends.” While we were sharing with each other in a beautiful garden at a local park, a group of three older women arrived with their table, chairs, table decorations, and food. They set up a lovely table and sat together sharing a meal…a true circle of friends. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

“My Pals”

“The Old Gals”

And the frosting on the cake…tonight I get to be with another circle of friends for our summer book club. Tonight is BYOB…Bring Your Own Book…one that you have read over the summer to share with the group!

9 thoughts on “Not So Big Brave Bird…

  1. L-O-V-E, love your postings! You write well. Maybe you should be a creative writing coach…! I’m glad you got to the bottom of Robin’s story. Hilarious! And such a sweet story of you and your circle seeing an even more intentional group of gals. I think I’d like to copy them, quickly though before summer’s gone. XOXO!

  2. PS: Dammit! I’ve already forgotten my google password! So now I will let them know and then they will email me and I then will respond and then I will create a new one and then remember it for a day or two…

  3. Poor Robin! That is a great story. How did you figure out that the berries were the culprit? I love the ladies in the park. You and your group had the same idea going, you just need a table and cute old table cloth next time. I need to find a group like that. Hugs and love…..Meeg: You are too young to be forgetting passwords! :-))

  4. I absolutely love that this Deep Thought about the brave bird ends in substance abuse. Classic! Jack Handy could NOT have written a better one.

  5. LOVE the Deep Thoughts web page. I found one that says, “Sometimes I think it would be better to live my life as a bird, able to soar above the ground, than to live it as a confused bird that digs into the ground.” Me thinks this is easier done most anywhere than in Benjy’s neighhborhood!!

  6. I spent time with girlfriends from jr high days a few weeks ago. We had a fabulous picnic at the Portland Zoo. We had a blast sharing life stories and laughing the entire time!! I wonder if we gave anyone inspiration. I love your blog…glad Elaine shared it with me!

  7. I’m trying to eat healthier…you know…more berries and things. Now…which trees have those good berries that I should be looking for??????

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