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Super Daisies…

Age is a funny thing! Pregnant women talk in “weeks.” Young moms talk in “months.” Kids and teens are so excited to get to that next age – older! Young adults are pretty content with their age, but then you begin to move up the old number line of life! Suddenly your age becomes a bit fuzzy…

“Oh, I think I am 43…. no, maybe 44…. oh ya, I am 45!”

Funny how we forget what year we were born! We begin to say things like, “age is just a number” or “you are only as old as you feel” or my personal favorite…“I’m as old as I have ever been!” I think you will agree with me that each one of us looks at age differently.

Where is this going you ask? Well, I was out in my garden one morning and noticed that my very beautiful daisies were beginning to look a little shabby.

Fresh young daisies – early in their life!

These were hardy little flowers and bloomed for a very long time. I continued to water them and nurture them along. As time passed, some of the flowers were still in full bloom – looking beautiful, while others were beginning to look a little worse for their wear!

Later in the summer… not so fresh!

There I sat on my porch, contemplating the differences of the various flowers in the bunch! Some still looked fresh and strong while others were ready to be clipped and thrown into the green barrel. I began to think about how we age. Some people do it gracefully and do not look their true age. Ever met anyone like that? “Is she really 50?” Then you meet someone who looks much older than they really are. “Holy Cow – she is only 50?”

That must be what the daisies are saying to each other in my garden! Regardless of the condition of the daisies, the wilting ones were still standing tall and holding their own, even with the “super daisies” near by! Yes, there is societal pressure, even in the garden world!

“Oh my… look how she is aging…” (Come on, we have all said it!)

So, there were my daisies – wilting, discoloring, and eventually dying, yet still standing tall in their splendor. As we grow older, what can we do to stay standing strong and continue to bloom, even though our exterior might be fading and wilting? If you are still young and rolling your eyes at this post… just wait! Have a little empathy will you?! đŸ™‚ Your day will come and you will remember the daisies!

2 thoughts on “Super Daisies…

  1. Very well put Benjy. I am proud to be my age, although I don’t stand up at straight as I used to. I think age and certainly gray hair have their advantages. You can still act young, but when the need arises (such as being tormented by some sassy mouthed young boys) you can use the gray hair and snarf at them cuz they perceive you as really old! Speaking of old age, it is always 15 years older than you are. You will always be beautiful, so stand tall Daisy Sister!

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