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Super Daisies…the Next Generation…

As I read back over my past blog postings, I am noticing a common theme…flowers! Why do so many of my thoughts center around flowers? Well, could it be that my tiny little yard has more perennials planted in it than the entire White House Lawn or the Duncan Gardens at Manito Park? I guess I am a bit obsessed with flowers being that I spend so much of my free time nurturing them… or shall I call it mentoring?

My last post talked about how we age… some more gracefully than others. Today my thoughts are on the ones that are coming up behind us. I cut away all of the dead daisies from the once beautiful plant in my front yard. Low and behold, but a day or so later, there was a new little one popping up. I thought for sure that this plant was all done for the season. Here comes a new little flower growing up among the mature daisies that have gone into the next season of their lives.

Today as I was mowing the lawn and trimming, I noticed my new little recruit was even fuller and more beautiful! She was standing tall and looking toward the warm sun – seeking encouragement and guidance. How young and fresh she looked among the older group of daisies! I could hear some of them talking! 🙂

As I sat on my porch, resting from the lawn-mowing adventure, I began to think about the generation coming up behind us. We can blame technology and today’s society, lack of parenting and video games, and anything else we think of for the downfall of our youth. It made me think about my role as a “person with some years under my belt” and how I am interacting with this next generation. As an educator I am continually in the lives of children. But, is there anyone in particular that I am “mentoring” along the way in this big world? I think about when I was growing up. Who were my mentors and asset-builders? Who influenced my life in a positive way? Who did I look up to?

It is a big world out there and every new daisy in the garden needs someone they can look up to and learn from. Today’s “hero’s” are usually actors, actresses, and professional athletes. Hmmmmm…..I think there are better Super Daisies in the garden for the younger generation to look up to…don’t you?

It’s a big world out there for the little Daisy…

So, who were your hero’s and mentors when you were growing up? Is there anyone in your life today that would consider you to be hero or mentor? We have the sacred opportunity to touch the lives of the next generation, one “daisy” at a time…

One final thought… let’s not forget the pansies! Whom ever was responsible for naming this flower “pansey” did not look up the definition in the dictionary. In my day, a pansey was one who was weak and could not stick up for themselves. Well, I am here to tell you that these pansies in my yard are anything but weak and helpless! These things pop up out of now where and thrive! I see them growing after the first frost and the first snowfall! I see them in the midst of winter when all the other plants have called it quits and gone under until spring! Not these guys! They are tough, independent, and not afraid to show up anywhere, anytime for anything! Whew…. don’t you think we need more pansies in this world?

2 thoughts on “Super Daisies…the Next Generation…

  1. Hmmm… I’ve never thought of the pansey like that. Interesting… I hope I can see your house in the fall. Did the Guys plant in such a way as to make fall as spectacular as the rest of the summer?

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