There is a time for everything…

I love the seasons.  Living in another state for 20 years, that is one of the things I missed the most.  When I really think about each one, fall is truly my favorite.  I have been thinking about fall and here is what I came up with:

 The temperature – the days cool down and I get to wear sweaters, but don’t need a heavy coat!  

The colors – beautiful, rich, warm colors – red, yellow, orange, brown – calming colors! 

The smells – fireplace smoke on a crisp evening, pumpkin, cinnamon, piles of leaves –  memory evoking smells!

The celebrations – Thanksgiving (my favorite!) – food, family, and a day set aside for everyone to be thankful – something we should be doing every day!  

The harvest – we now reap what we sow!  The harvest abounds!           

Each season has an important role in our circle of life.  Fall is that time for everything to begin to slow down and some things may die.  In that death and change of pace, beauty abounds.  In order for things to be able to regenerate and produce new fruit – whether it be plants or people – they need time to rest.  Fall provides the opportunity to slow down, be thankful for what we have have, and rest.  It ushers us into winter – a time of hibernation, which then leads us into spring and new growth, then summer where life flourishes!  Thus, the circle of life!  


3 thoughts on “There is a time for everything…

  1. I love fall too…this was the nicest October I can remember in a long time. Pretty pictures! Thanks for posting again…I was wondering where you were!

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