To shovel snow…

or mow… 
that is the question!  

Well, I chose the snow!  I am sure wishing I were sitting on my porch sipping a Mike’s and reading a good book while I gaze at my beautiful yard… I can only dream!  

This past weekend it snowed a very wet snow and then the deep freeze set it.  I did not get my walks shoveled and that wet snow became ice.  Today I was doing a little “dance of the sugar plum fairy” as I shoveled both the front and the back.  My driveway has a slight incline – oh the fun I had!  
But, with all that said, it is beautiful out and we are guaranteed a white Christmas. That is a beautiful gift!  So, here’s to winter before it has even officially arrived!   

3 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Your house (and you!) are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your snowy pictures!! I shoveled a little bit when I got home, made a potty path for the puppies and then came inside to get warm. I am sad that I can’t take my own snow pictures — puppies ate the camera! 🙂 New camera on its way.

  2. Looks cool over there in Spoky. it is starting to look like that in Seattle. Pretty, but not as easy to get around here like you can on the home front. Enjoy!

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