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Gratitude Friday…

I am sitting here on Snow Day #2!  Vacation has officially begun early!  After the 30 hours of snow stopped falling, we were able to get out and begin the clean up.  We spent several hours outside shoveling up our block so that we could have a path to safely walk.  We measured over 2 feel of snow at our house!  Amazing!  It snowed last night and is lightly snowing right now.  There is more shoveling to be done, but man oh man, my back hurts!  Another big storm is expected this weekend.  

As I sit here and look outside at the winter wonderland, I am reminded of all that I have to be grateful for on this gratitude Friday before Christmas…

The freedom we have to worship and celebrate that which we love and believe.  The nativity ornament, for me, sums up why we are here on this earth – to love those around us as Christ loves us.

The many sacred symbols of the season.  I love the peace and serenity of the Christmas tree and the beautiful things we hang to remind us of what is good and right.  
Brian… the love of my life!  Together, we make the ordinary things in life extraordinary!  This latest storm has afforded us the gift to be home together – shoveling, laughing, praying, cooking and stopping long enough to really appreciate the simple things in life!  

Simple thoughts… simple post… simple gratitude…

Happy Gratitude Friday!

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday…

  1. I looked at your “Gratitude Friday” post last night, ready to comment and the computer shut down on me! ::sigh:: Hope you’re having a relaxing Saturday and enjoying a cup of coffee or something warm. David is headed out to see if he can get the snowblower working before the next storm hits! Big hugs to you~

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