Let it snow… (did I say that out loud?)

Oh the weather outside is frightful (that’s putting it mildly)
but the fire is so delightful  (we don’t have a fireplace)
and since we’ve no place to go (that’s because we are snowed in)

Stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the snow!  

It doesn’t show signs of pausing (expect when it decides to rain!)
And I’ve bought some corn for popping (but we’ve run out!)
The lights turned way down low (actually there was a power outage)

Stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight (are we sick of each other yet?)
I’ll hate going out in the storm (it’s your turn to shovel)
But if you hold me tight… 
all the way home I’ll be warm (and it will sure save on the heating bill)
The fire is slowly dying (there’s that fireplace we don’t have – again!)
And my dear we’re still goodbying (are the roads clear yet?) 
But as long as you love me so (you still love me after this storm, right?)

Stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the snow!!!

7 thoughts on “Let it snow… (did I say that out loud?)

  1. Hey, I was ready to duct tape you with your title! But I was laughing as I read the post — you’re off the hook! I think you needed a picture of your honey giving you a kiss goodnight! 🙂 I posted a picture of the sun today! It was sooo nice to see it after that wild snow storm. The wind storm, hmm. Another story, especially since we’ve already a few limbs off a rotten tree in the backyard. It’s blocking the puppy piddle path! Super big hugs to you….can’t wait to see you one of these days! How’s Cat doing~ perhaps we need a girls’ coffee date! I can drive out!

  2. Wow! Glad you finally posted some photos. Six feet in a month? Crazy! Seattle had the best snow season I've seen in 30 years here. So fun for a week or two, but we've moved on. I hope you get to also. Soon! PS: Every time I try to post to your blog, Google acts like they don't know me. So I impatiently sign up – AGAIN. #@%&*$

  3. Meg – maybe you should write down your username (email address) and password (some word you will always remember!) Just a thought…. 🙂 thanks for always giving it your best and posting a comment! I truly know you love me! 🙂 I love you!

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Adams…but if you must know, I faithfully pull out the SAME sticky note and type in the SAME user name and password as always, which never works (and also didn’t this time either, #*@!) and then sign up AGAIN with the SAME user name and password! Looks like Google is the one with the memory problem. But thanks for thinking it was me, you young thing! My only hope (or dread, really) is that one day, when we’re maybe 88 and 80, your memory will be as bad as mine! 😉

  5. Oh honey – I am already there! What was your name? I applaud your perseverance and tenacity! Your stick-to-it-ness! Way to go! You will show Google! 🙂 Nice job revising our thinking on the 5 ft instead of 6 ft! You are a wise mathematician!

  6. Benjy: When you retire from teaching you could get a job with Hallmark making singing greeting cards changing the words! The snow is incredible. I had a hard enuf time at my house over here with 1 ft. You might ask Santa for a fireplace for next Christmas. They even have some on wheels that can be moved from room to room. Love from finally rainy Seattle.

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