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The Gift of Passion

                                   Coffee and my new journal… who needs FB!!!

Today, I met Tom Birdseye, an author.  Listening to him talk ignited a spark in me to spend time writing everyday.  He shared writing about his experiences and passion.  I have had many experiences in my life, but are they worthy of putting down on paper?  Would anyone else want to read them?   When he mentioned passion, I wondered if I even know what I am truly passionate about.  I do know one passion… writing!  That got me thinking about “writing about writing!”  I imagine that pursuing my passion for writing will open up more passions for me as I explore life through my words.

The idea of putting words down on paper to remember, celebrate, or create, begs the question; who will read them?  Do all writers write with an audience in mind?  Are there people who write with the intent of no one reading their words?  Is it arrogant to want people to read what you have written? 

My best self-expression is through words… mainly in the form of writing.  It allows me to formalize my thoughts, reign in my emotions, and communicate passionately.  As the words come alive on my paper, so do the thoughts that normally get lost in my head.  Writing affords my thoughts and ideas a safe place to land.  It’s then I can choose with whom I will share.

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