Just the Right Words…

 I am finishing Day 8 of my FB rehab!  Whew!  I really do miss it.  I miss the contact with people and knowing what is going on in everyone’s lives. I think I will go back to it in March with a new vision.  I like having more time to do other things, but also miss my FB peeps! 

I recently blogged about down-sized communication.  This morning, I received a huge blessing from that very “down-sized”  form of communication.  I was having my quiet time early and a dear friend texted me to say she was praying for me.  It was one of those “just the right words at just the right time” moments.  Receiving that text prompted me to send one to another friend that had been on my heart.  I texted the simple words, “thinking of you.”  She immediately wrote back that she is struggling with an ill friend and getting my text really lifted her up.  We continued to exchange a few more texts encouraging each other.  Just the right words at just the right time.  As I continued to pray, I decided to text a quick message to a few other friends.  I heard back from all of them!  It was a sweet start to what would be a very long day.   

My perspective on simple forms of communication changed today.  In this world of minimal communication, even the smallest gesture or word can be just what we need at just the right time.  

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