A Month in Pictures

The Early Morning Sky…

This morning, I awoke early to my bladder alarm!  I came out into the dining room and noticed a bright light.  I thought maybe we had left a light on.  Then I realized that it was the moon shining through the window.  I quickly grabbed my phone and took this picture.  I should have used the good camera, but did not want to completely wake up!  The good camera would have required me to go outside and actually think about the picture.  So, phone camera it was!  

The moon was sitting just above a “cloud wall” that was sitting right above my neighbors house.  It was beautiful!  I took the picture and then answered my alarm call.  By the time I was done, the moon was already slipping down below the cloud wall.  It was truly amazing to watch… for a second… before sneaking back to bed to “sleep in.”  

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