28 Days · Lessons Learned

28 Days!!!!!

Today I wrap up my “I Can Do Anything for 28 Days” campaign!  Outwardly, nothing looks different in my life, nor do I look different.  I did not shed that weight that giving up sugar and exercising everyday was going to help with.  Hmmmm, could it be because that big lofty goal was not met… in fact, I’m not sure I even started it!  But, let’s focus on what I DID start and complete!  FB!  The coveted social network that consumed me.  Today marks Day 28 of no FB and I have to say that I am pretty tickled and amazed that I have not once gone on.  While my outside does not look different, my inside does… my heart does.

Lessons I’ve learned and emotions I’ve had while fasting FB:

  • Being addicted to something sucks when you can’t have it!
  • Getting a new computer and not being able to try it out with FB… just plain wrong!
  • When you walk away from Farkle for a month you really lose a lot of bonus points for not logging on each day!
  • No knowing how many friends need horses and plows and corn for their farms… well, let’s just say I don’t sleep as well at night!

  • Connecting with people (in whatever way that is) feeds the soul.
  • Being able to encourage people in need as they reach out on FB is a blessing and gift.
  • Relationships matter… whether they are near or far… live or over the internet.
  • 28 days is a really long time!  Thank goodness this is not leap year!

 So, with 18 hours and 34 minutes left until my fast is over… I contemplate what will come next.  I know I’ll sleep better being able to support the farms of friends. Wait, I’ve blocked that game… oops!  I know that my prayer life will broaden as I once again pray for those I know and don’t know as they reach out for comfort and support.  I can rejoice with friends as they have babies, grandbabies, get married, send their kids off to prom for the first time, celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday… oh, the list goes on.  One thing I know for sure… you either love FB or hate it!  I happen to love it and the ways in which it allows me to connect with people and share our lives amidst the busyness.  I’ve also learned that when I don’t like something that others like, I really need to sit back and let them love what they love about it.  I don’t need to voice my opinion loud and clear, especially if I have never tried it.  We all have different things that nurture our souls and feed our needs. While FB is not for everyone… this girl enjoys it!  I feel empowered to look at it through a different lens when I go back on.  I will definitely restructure how I spend my time and how much time I spend.  While I CAN live without it… I’d rather not.  I am just going to revisit it’s purpose in my life and the time I spend.  I’ve truly missed hanging out with friends and bantering over posts!  I’ve missed seeing pictures and sharing events from miles away.  

So now I must go and set my alarm for 12:01 AM…. Tuesday, March 1…. hmmm, I wonder what time it will be when I log in for the first time?  I wonder how much activity there has been while I’ve been away?  My fear…. that my profile will be empty… out of sight, out of mind.  That whole idea is another blog for another time.  Goodbye February… hello March… and FB!

One thought on “28 Days!!!!!

  1. Way to go Aunt Jenny! The only advice I can give for when you log back on is to NOT try to catch up on everything that's happened while you were away. Even trying to catch up on the last few days is like homework. Just hit the ground going forward. šŸ™‚

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