Questions to Ponder

The Day of Reckoning…

The day has finally arrived!  My 28 day commitment to abstain from FB has ended.  I can once again log on and re-enter the social network.  So, why am I blogging instead?  My “Oh my goodness… I can’t wait until March 1” excitement has come and gone.  I actually feel a bit leery about logging on.  Will I fall back into old patterns?  Will I be tempted to spend more time than before?  If feels safer to put off that initial log on.  I know this must sound crazy, but this is my addictive personality rearing its ugly head.  The only bonus is that I can now recognize the feeling and address it.

So, here’s to commitment, moderation, self-control, and more lessons to be learned about oneself!  It’s the day of reckoning… and I’m goin’ in!

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