Gratitude Friday

Gratitute Friday…

As my evenings have started to go later and later… my mornings have begun to get harder and harder.  Imagine that! This morning the alarm went off for a longer than usual time… it was going off in my dream and I was ignoring it!  When I finally realized that it was mine in real life… well then I had to find it!  Like I said… harder and harder!  

With a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket, I’m sitting pondering my gratitude list.  While I’m sure there are a myriad of things in my head and heart that I am grateful for, what is actually making it to the surface is from the short list!

Today, I’m grateful for…

  • Friday… there is no other way to say it… Friday!

  • God’s faithfulness to answer prayer… even when it is not what seems to best for our own time line.  

  • For a much needed change that will strengthen and restore hope!

  • The opportunities that I am given to serve at our wonderful church!
  • The promise of spring!
Tulips… my favorite flower! (Not from my garden!)  


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