Questions to Ponder

The Other Side of the Coin…

During my 28 days of no FB, I blogged a bit about what I missed the most.  Now that I’ve been back for the past 6 days, I realize there are some things I miss about NOT being on FB!  In one short week, my habits have once again changed… and not for the better.  In February I read more, journaled more, blogged every day, and went deeper into my identity and purpose.  In a few days back into the FB world, I am once again being drawn into the abyss of social networking.  But, am I really networking?  Do I really spend time communicating with people in meaningful ways?  A bit, yes… but mostly, no.  I find myself reading everyone’s posts and then moving on.  I can’t seem to muster up the energy to spend time to thoughtfully comment.  I have cruised recent pictures.  I have played a game of Scrabble.  It truly has not been as exciting being back as I thought it would be.  The anticipation was much more exciting than the actual return.  

What I have NOT done in the past week is spend time being thoughtful for the things of my own life.  Once again, it is easier to look into others lives and push mine aside.  I love to blog, but find less time to sit and ponder life due to the extra time spent on FB.  My thirst for the perfect witty post has dried up.  It’s hard to put into words what I am feeling right now.  I do know that I am wondering if I should not just give it up all together.  If I just say I won’t go on very much…. well, that does not work.  If it’s here, I go on.  My time spent quietly with my heavenly Papa has suffered.  If only He had a FB page!  

As the weather gets nicer and the days longer… it’s time to once again reconsider some habits and make some changes.  FB is high on that list of possibilities.  

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