Gratitude Friday


It’s Friday again!  I love Friday!  It means a break in the action is coming!  At times I find myself living for Friday.  I wonder how much of life I am missing as I “will” Friday to be here?  It seems to take forever to get here and then is gone in a flash!  And the two days that proceed it go even faster!  I know that there are 24 hours in each and every day… that never changes.  Why do some feel like they fly by and others take twice as long?  I guess we are back to that perspective thing again!  

We turned the clocks ahead one hour last weekend and I am still feeling it!  While I have more light hours in the day, it seems like I have less sleep hours in the night.  Is that times fault or mine? Am I being more productive with that extra hour of daylight?  Have I taken a walk or done a little yard work or spent some time exercising?  Ummmmm…. that would be a no.  So far it has just messed with my time clock and when I realize what time it really is… then I’m in a panic over things I have not done yet!  When will I learn?  I definitely need to find a class on time management and productivity!  No more excuses!  No more feeling like I can go to bed earlier because it is dark!  No more excuses for not being able to take a walk because it is dark! 

While I’ve not been given another actual hour in my day, it does feel a bit like the gift of a more time.  I want to embrace that gift and use that “extra hour” for things that matter and are for the good of the tribe!  No more excuses!  Spring is just days away and for that I am grateful!  

So, on this Gratitude Friday I am grateful for:

  • the coming of spring
  • the extra hour of daylight
  • the sun that has made more appearances lately
  • small signs of health returning to my family
  • my husband and his amazing integrity
  • the gift of time
  • the gift of creativity and the ability to express it in so many ways

Take time today to stop and think about what you are grateful for.  Tell someone! 

2 thoughts on “Friday…

  1. Wow, this post is like you read my mind. I find myself thinking the same things. I wish away the week so I can enjoy the weekend and then the weekend speeds by so fast and I get depressed when Monday comes too soon. I love your writing. You have a gift. I will email you more comments.

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