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Taxes Done and Sent… Check!

The older I get, the more I have to live by “To Do” lists.  Thank goodness for sticky notes!  I’ve graduated to the larger ones with lines!  Some days my life seems like one giant sticky note.  There are a few glitches in my sticky note “To Do” list method.  First, after creating a “To Do” list, I forget to reread it to see what it is that I actually need to do!  I put them in “my special place” and then can’t remember where that is!  My house is a gold mine of special places and one day when they are all unearthed it will be like finding the “mother load!”  The second glitch with my lists is that I am continually adding on the already established list (if I can find it!) and thus my list “To Do’s” outnumber my “To Dones!”  It’s a vicious cycle!

We all have these lists of things we need to accomplish on any given day, week, or month.  There are categories – Everyday Stuff, Really Big Stuff, Stuff We Don’t Really Want To Do, Stuff We Want To Do But Shouldn’t… you probably have your own more sophisticated categories!  Lately, my lists, both at home and at work are overwhelming.  There are some really big things happening right now and coming up.  There are the everyday things that can easily get swept under the rug and then turn into really big things when I’ve put them off too long!  I sat down this weekend and made out a list of the things that I need to get done in the next week or so.  I was overwhelmed and almost felt paralyzed.  How will I get them all done?  There is so much going on right now that it does not seem doable.  I began to pray in my journal and this is what transpired between God and me. 


So much is going on right now and I feel overwhelmed, and yet I think about You and the sacrifice You made… letting Your Son die a horrific death on the cross… for me.

For me… that I might have eternal life. 

For me… that I might know forgiveness and grace… everyday.

For me… that I might die to my old self and ways, and live a life that honors You and puts You first.

For me… because you love me just the way I am…

Lord, all these things that are on my list that make life seem overwhelming – they are all backed with a guarantee that You will be by my side every moment, every step, every tear, every struggle.  And thinking about what Jesus endured six hours, one Friday… I think I’m going to be okay because He endured that for me…

I love you…

One thought on “Taxes Done and Sent… Check!

  1. I am also a sticky note middle ager. I couldn't live without them and get so frustrated when I can't remember where I placed them. Thanks for publishing my blog link.

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