About a month ago I began to notice this little bird hanging around on our patio, always sitting on the back of our chair.  She would come and go throughout the day. 

 Last weekend I noticed her hanging out in our birdhouse.  This particular property has been vacant as long as we’ve owned it.  This spring we finally have a renter. 

 As I sat one afternoon watching with my camera in hand, I noticed a second renter.  He was trying very hard to get into the house, but was being blocked by the young lady.  I could see that he was trying to bring her gifts.

 He was very persistent and did not give up without a fight.  He hung around and at one point when she flew away, he was able to enter and drop off the goods!

 As I sat patiently watching her, it dawned on me.  She is a little momma preparing to lay her eggs.  Her figure has filled out since I first noticed her perched on the porch chairs.  On this particular day she looked a little worse for the wear.  Her feathers seemed a bit ruffled.  She was very antsy and flew in and out, back and forth.  She never went very far. 

I think her time is coming.  Unfortunately, the front door to her bird house does not face the kitchen window and I have to be outside on the porch to be the nosy neighbor!  I am afraid that if we turn the house around it will disturb their little nest and they will move out.  

I can feel the excitement in the air as I watch her fly around and prepare for her big day.  I’ve heard that when a woman is ready to give birth she has a nesting instinct.  I think this must be where that saying came from.  Soon we will have grandbirds!  

One thought on “Nesting…

  1. This post soothes the reader. Your photos visualize your words. I've also noticed birds a lot lately. They seem so unassuming…just happy to be alive. I often wish life was so simple for us humans.

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