Creative Eclectic

I’m not very….

I have spent the past 48 years telling myself and others that “I’m not very creative” and “I’m not artistic.”  What actually defines artistic or creative?  I have always thought about an artistic person as someone who paints or draws.  Creative is the one who makes cute crafty things.  I have been so busy convincing myself and others of my lack, that I have completely overlooked those things in my life which actually fit into the “artistic and creative” category!

I have a dear friend that I have always considered a very artistic and creative person.  She recently wrote a book (Refrain from the Identical) about her journey as a Creative Eclectic!  I am one chapter in and my world has been rocked.  Over the past several years, I have had an itching to write more.  I have been blogging off and on since 2008.  I began to see that I have a passion to create something with words, still not even entertaining the idea of being artistic or creative.  After purchasing a really nice camera to try my hand at photography, I noticed that I have shot a few pictures that could actually be considered to be shot with a creative eye!  I know… shocking to read because you remember that I’m not artistic or creative!

As I’ve begun to really ponder adventures in my life that have involved artistic ability and creativity, my eyes have been opened wide.  I have learned that I need to broaden my view of my creative side and accept the fact that I am a Creative Ecelectic, whether I want to be or not!  I’m also finding that those creative things are what I am really passionate about.  What are you passionate about and does it involve creativity?  Are you a Creative Eclectic? Check out the book and find out! 

Also available for Kindle!
Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics
JoDee Luna (Paperback – Dec 13, 2011)

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