Indifference is the trait of seeming not to care or lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things.  I have a certain 12 year old boy in my life who is seemingly indifferent to me.  Most of his interactions with me have a “whatever” flair to them and he doesn’t really engage with me until it is about something that he wants or needs.  I am finding myself responding back indifferently, as well.  Ahhh, an eye for an eye as they say!  That is the safe way around this.  To cover up the fact that your indifference is really breaking my heart, I’ll just act like I have no regard or care for you right back!  To add insult to injury, I’m going to be overly demonstrative to someone else I love, right in front of you… that will  show you!  Ah yes… our little battle with indifference!

So now let’s flip the coin over to the other side and take a look at God and me.  How many times do I act indifferently to my Heavenly Papa, or to a person or situation He has put in my path, hoping I’ll respond in a Christ-like way?  Certainly, it’s not the same thing… is it?

Indifference is subtle and can look so casual on the surface.  It’s no big deal if we are indifferent now and then, until the tables are turned and it’s cast upon us.  Oh, how the hurt can go deep.  Whether it’s with those we love or strangers, indifference and Christ are not connected.  God’s challenge to me is to care… to have enthusiasm…. to show interest in people (especially a certain 12 year old) and situations, even when my indifferent heart is rearing it’s ugly head.  It’s the small things – smiling at someone, engaging in a quick conversation with interest, or praying for someone when you are prompted, even if you don’t feel like it.  I mentioned being overly demonstrative to someone else.  How many times do I show great enthusiasm and give much attention to someone or something other than my awesome God?

Thankfully, God handles my indifference much better than I handle it in my life.  He loves me all the more… despite my indifference.

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