Random Saturday

Random Saturday…

I have a strong desire to write a book.  Recently I’ve started reading a book and working through the practice of writing a memoir.  This book is funny in that she just gives me random topics and says to write for ten minutes; uninterrupted.  The other day it said, “Tell me everything you know about Jell-O.  Go.  Ten minutes.  Let it rip.”  My first thought was that I could never spend ten minutes talking about Jell-O… I don’t even like Jell-O!  I began to write and was laughing out loud at the memories this unearthed!  So, today, I begin my new blog tradition of “Random Saturday.”  I’ve decided that each Saturday I will share something that I’ve written on my journey through “Old Friend from Far Away” by Natalie Goldberg.

My random thoughts about Jell-O….

I’m supposed to write everything I know about Jell-O.  I don’t even like Jell-O!  I’ve always said it is un-American!  Jell-O is cheap, so we had it a lot growing up.  I only tolerated red Jell-O.  Yellow or green Jell-O is just wrong on so many levels.  When I was charged with making the Jell-O I never quite got it right.  It took a level of patience I did not have.  I was required to stand there and stir and sweep the bottom until it dissolved… which took forever!  My lack of patience caused many of our bowls of Jell-O to have a little gritty film on the bottom of the congealed  mess.  I hated making Jell-O.

Then there was the Jell-O where my mom would add things in… things that should never be in Jell-O, like celery or nuts.  I believe she called it some kind of compote.  It was more like “compost” to me!

Watch it wiggle… watch it jiggle… ugh!  Add a bit more pectin and you have finger Jell-O!  Who wants to eat Jell-O with your fingers?  It’s like eating rubber that dissolves!

When they started making the mix that already included sugar, you could lick your finger and stick it in the box!  Instant sucker… and red lips, tongue and finger. That was a dead give-away you were doing something you were not supposed to!

Jell-O was the one thing we were “allowed” to eat when we were sick.  Really?  I’m sick… why would I want to eat something that makes me feel sicker just looking at it!

Yes, Jell-O… the all-American food!  Not in my America!


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