Random Saturday

Random Saturday…

Here it is, Random Saturday again, and I have not posted anything during the week.  Oh how I long for the season when writing can be a focal point in my day, not a fleeting thought as I’m drifting off to sleep.  As I looked through all of the random writing pieces from my memoir writing book, I came across a poem I had written as a result of the process I’m going through.  This journey has me writing about thoughts, feelings, events, and distinct memories from my life.  One morning as I pondered my life’s journey thus far, I was given a picture of a quilt.  Having to sit and pull up events and memories feels like I am trying to piece my life back together… much like constructing a quilt.  I began to pen a poem and this is what i came up with.

My life is like a quilt…  pieced together

Some sections are organized and planned… others appear thrown together… messy

This quilt is worn and tattered in places… bright and pressed in others

Will the tattered and worn pieces eventually fade away or can they be revived so their story lives on?

It’s not a quilt you’d find in a Pottery Barn catalog or displayed at a quilt show

But it’s mine!

It’s a masterpiece!

Each square is designed, pieced – together and sewn by the One Who Knows Everything

Not a thread is missing nor a block out of place…

                                                                                                           jsl  ’12

As a quilter (and I use that term loosely!), I tend to work in the area of block quilts.  It’s safe and I’m pretty sure the outcome will be positive.  I cut lots of squares and then sew them together.  Sometimes the fabrics are carefully chosen and matched to perfection!  Other times, I use what I have and there is not really a method to my madness.  I like the block quilts because they are neat and tidy and organized… just the way I like my life… or so I think!  I like things neatly packaged, I like my hair to be cut and styled in an orderly fashion, I prefer my clothing to be a certain style, I like my schedule laid out in advance…. oh, the list goes on.  As I am growing older, I am finding that life is not so neatly packaged with a bow on top!  Fabric is everywhere and it is coming together in crazy ways I never would have planned.  At times, when I step back, I hardly recognize my quilt as one that I had my hand in creating.  Some days that terrifies me and other days it refreshes me!  There is one thing I know for sure… The One Who Knows Everything is working closely by my side and has His hand in every block and on every thread of my life.

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