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The Road Less Traveled…

403 days from today I will be turning 50… The Big 5-0… the half century mark…half way to one hundred… two quarters… (in my younger days) OLD!  Stop with the comments; I can hear you all now! “You are not old.”  “You are as old as you let yourself be.”  “Old is a state of mind.”  I’m sure I’ve missed some!  I always say, “I’m as old as I’ve ever been!”  That stops people in their tracks for a few seconds, anyway!  My heart today is not that I’m getting old.  It just happens that a major landmark birthday is only 403 days away and I’ve got some work to do!

My husband turns 50 six weeks before I do. We’ve spent a great many hours talking about our health and our future.  We’d really like to live a long life to see our grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren.  Our lifestyle has been fast, furious, and full of unhealthy food.  When the kids are here, I work hard to put “healthy” meals on the table.  When it’s just the two of us, it’s very easy to just grab something on the way home because I’m tired.  Not only is that unhealthy, but expensive.  This past year we have added the stress of money to our list.  At this point in the game, we take nothing for granted in terms of our finances or health.  It’s sad when major struggles are what get you to that place.

We recently came across a Montel Williams advertisement about his Living Well program.  We were intrigued by the changes that Montel has made in his life due to his MS.  We have always talked about getting a juicer but never done it.  That would mean actually using it!  Well, we took the plunge and bought the Health Master Elite!

Montel’s Health Master Elite!

Yep… it’s a glorified blender, but it’s features drew us in and we made the purchase!  I’ve named it Montel and he’s joined us in our journey two days now!  Both days this weekend we’ve had a drink in the morning that consisted of pure fruits and vegetables with some plain greek yogurt added in.  Today I added in some blackstrap molasses and a bit of agave.  It looks horrible and tastes…. well, it all depends on what you put in!  Today was apple, pear, orange, strawberry, carrot, and spinach.  The spinach and blackstrap change the color drastically.  I almost have to close my eyes when I drink!

Before the blackstrap molasses!

The finished product!

We’ve come to the grim realization in our lives that if we don’t make some serious changes to our health, it won’t matter what jobs we hold or how much money we have.  Our lives will be more difficult and most likely shorter-lived.  We’ve committed to make some changes… one baby step at a time.  I need to lose weight and my husband needs to gain.  We both need to get fit and healthy with more energy and zest for life!

For many people today, healthy living is the road less traveled.  As I age, I want to be on that road!  I need to be on that road!  It’s not an easy road to travel.  It takes time, energy, commitment, and perseverance.  I can no longer live by my unspoken motto…. Never do today what I can put off until tomorrow! With realistically half my life already under my belt, I need to change my direction and live well.  I’m grateful for the people in my life that are helping me on that journey!  I am fearfully and wonderfully made and need to step up to the plate to take care of this body and life I’ve been given!  Here’s to living well and moving more!

5 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled…

  1. I use a blue glass and a straw when I am not in the mood to look at my juice 🙂
    Does your blender leave the juice warm? I love the regular juicer I have but have been eyeing the one you chose.

    1. I asked because his infomercial said something about making hot soup if you leave it for a long time.
      Just to mix comments…I called an old friend once thinking it would be fun to catch up. She sounded annoyed and asked if I used FB. Oh well.

  2. Hot soups and cold things…. that is what I need to discover by actually reading the directions! I do think that the longer you blend the warmer it gets. About FB – people either love it or hate it! Personal visits, phone calls, and emails are a thing of the past…. that makes my heart sad.
    Curious…. how did you discover my blog? I’m new to wordpress and have never had anyone I did not know comment! I’ve bookmarked yours… I like the way you write!

    1. I found it under recent health posts. From the Topics section on the main WordPress site, I clicked the health tag. I look there to see what is new.

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