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The Sabbath…

Our weeks are filled with work and busyness and… well, too much!  I often hear people say that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  By the time the weekend comes along, we are exhausted and need to rest and revive ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically,  so we can do it all again the next week.  It feels as if we are running on a giant hamster wheel!

Today I managed to do some things that nurtured my soul.  I had the awesome privilege of directing three godly men in a drama presented before the powerful message  in the Extravagant Love Series at Eastpoint Church!  I came away certain that no matter what I do to mess up in this crazy world, I have a Father in Heaven who loves and forgives me… endlessly.  I put some things in His hands this morning that I needed to leave behind.

My afternoon was filled with lunch with my Love, taking pictures of our wacky birds, and then getting my hands dirty in our garden.  A friend joined me and began teaching me all about organic gardening.  My husband then invited me on a walk!   All of these things nurtured my soul and gave me some fuel to get through the last week of school.

I’ve decided that it is imperative to find those things in life that afford me to take care of myself and keep life in it’s proper perspective.  It’s taken me some time to figure out what really fills me up.  Here is my list…


 My Love






Now that I’ve really figured out what brings calm to my world, I need to make it a priority to take time to do them.  Balancing what we have to do with what we want/need to do is an important charge in our lives.  What brings you to a calm place and restores your soul?  Are you taking time to indulge in these things?  I’d love to hear from you!

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