life happens...

To Plan or Not to Plan…

This morning I was up early getting my husband off to work and taking Ruby in for her 11,000 mile check up.  My plan for the day was to get the kids off with their mom and then gut the kitchen… cupboards, oven, fridge, floor, drawers… a good old summer cleaning!  Oh boy!  On the way home from the car dealership I drove past BigR and noticed berry plants for $9.99!  Yesterday I paid $5.00 for a little carton of raspberries and they will be gone in one or two sittings.  Plotting a cucumber plant I could move to make room for the berries, I swung into the parking lot!  In less than 5 minutes I was the proud owner of two raspberry plants!

Now the dilemma….. do I set them aside and tackle the kitchen or plant them!  Well, being that the garden is that one place that brings me to my senses and is the next best thing to church, I chose the garden!  The kitchen can wait!  After relocating the cucumber and planting the berries, I began removing just a few weeds around the raised beds that I had not gotten to yet.  Well, one weed led to another and to another and to another….. and viola!  Things are looking much better… outside!

My new raspberries!  Yum!

Who needs a gym membership!  I’ve got weeds!

When do you get the most accomplished?  When things are planned or spontaneous?  Some parts of my life are very planned.  Others not so much!  I find that my most productive days around the house are those that are unplanned and happen on a whim.  Today was a great example of that.  If I had planned to buy raspberries and then head out for a spell of yard work, my enthusiasm might not have been so high.  Sometimes the less thought I put into things of this nature, the better they turn out.  Sitting to write this blog today was also not planned.  Often times, if I get everything in it’s perfect place to write and create, my mind goes blank!  My best blogs happen on the fly!

Now I just have to figure out how to turn the kitchen cleaning into a spontaneous, unplanned event!  Hmmmm, I might need a nap to mull that one over!

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