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I Wonder As I Wander…


I wonder as I wander, out under the sky
How Jesus the savior, did come to die
To save lowly people like you and like I
I wonder as I wander, out under the sky…

IMG_0172Sweet Mary laid Jesus, within a cow’s stall
Came wise men and farmers and shepherds and all
The blessings of Christmas heaven did fall
And God’s promise of ages, to them did recall…

IMG_0169If Jesus had wanted for any small thing
A cloud in the sky or a bird on the wing
Or all of God’s angels in heaven to sing
He surely could have had it, because
He was the King
Because He was King!


I wonder about many things as I wander through this world… through this holiday season.

I wonder how I would have reacted if I’d seen that star shining brightly in the sky?  Would I have followed or would I have been too busy to stop and take the time?

I wonder what gift I would have brought to the Christ child?  Would I have given everything I had, even if it meant going without?

I wonder if I might have been a bit judgmental of the lowly stable chosen to be the birth place of the Son?

I wonder if my heart would have skipped a beat the moment I laid eyes on that precious child in the manger?

I wonder if the “little drummer boy” was really there????  I hope he was!

I wonder why it’s so difficult at times for me to keep this sacred miracle alive 365 days a year… and not just during the Christmas season?


I wonder…

and I continue to wander…

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