Lessons Learned From My Mom…

Today would have been my mom’s 85th birthday. I know she is celebrating in heaven with a good bridge game, some new yarn for a sweater or dish cloth, and a cake with lots of candles!

I grew up saying, “oh, I’ll never do that!” Now I find my self saying and doing things just like my mom. There was a time when that would make me crazy… now it makes me smile. I don’t ever want to lose the part of my mom that lives in me… I don’t ever want to forget.

My mom was a teacher, so naturally everything had a lesson behind it. Okay, I’ll admit that is one trait I’d like to lose… just a little bit, anyway! She taught me many things to maneuver through this life. Today I just want to share a few of them. (These lessons are a repeat from an old blog 4 years ago)

Lessons learned from my mom…

*Don’t try to sneak the cookies from the cookie can above the oven… she will hear you and stop you!

*When you leave the house always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident and have to go to the hospital.

*Paper towels can be dried and reused.

*Vegetable bags from the grocery store make great snow boot liners and keep your feet dry if your boots leak.

*Never ask your mom (with your friend standing there) if your friend can spend the night …she will say no!

*If you run in and out of the house in the summer you will let all of the cool air out and the hot air in.

*If you don’t iron the moist hankies right after your mom puts them in the vegetable bag they will mold and she will have to rewash them… sorry dad!

*Ignorance is bliss…

*Your toast has two sides – the mommy side (the round end) and the daddy side (the flat end). If you cut it down the middle between the mommy and daddy side then you get both and won’t have to pick which one you like better.

*Eat your bread crusts so you can grow hair on your chest.

*If you scrape the excess margarine off the wrapper you can actually butter one more piece of toast.

*The easiest way to butter your corn is to roll it right on top of the cube of margarine.

*Real butter is only for the holidays… so is link sausage.

*You must have a half a cheese glass of orange juice before you open presents on Christmas morning.

*Baby Jesus does not get to go into the manger until Christmas Eve. He has to hang out behind the manger out of sight.

*When you call someone don’t ask “Is Julie there?”… of course Julie is there or you would not be calling her!

*Me and Julie didn’t do anything together, but Julie and I did!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!


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