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It’s The Little Things…

When big things happen they quickly change us.  The recent tragedy in CT… devastating… even to those of us clear across the country.  Innocent lives lost in a senseless, horrific way.

It seems as if it’s the big things that leave an impression and get us talking.  Sometimes we are so busy waiting for, or dreading the big things, that we forget about the little things. We tend to focus on the grand events and forget about the small ones. Small candy treats on a Christmas party table.  What sweet memories they can evoke if we stop long enough to remember.

IMG_0234Small miracles are happening all around us and can be glossed over so easily.  Simple gifts put in our life each day and we don’t notice them.  Then one day… one difficult and sad day… God speaks… through a small miracle.

Ann Voskamp’s (One Thousand Gifts) Joy Dare for December 14 was “3 gifts stamped…”As I read that in the morning, a few things popped into my head – letter in the mail, card stamped and painted, library book due date stamp… I could not imagine what gifts could be in my life that would fit this.  I went on with my day.

The day unfolded in a horrific way.  Not for me directly, but the burden on my heart was heavy.  I quickly forgot about Ann’s Joy Dare. Upon returning home after school, I went to the mailbox.  Expecting the usual flyers, advertisements or bills, I was quite surprised at what I found.  Inside my box were three pieces of mail…3 gifts stamped.  Two Christmas cards and one sweet thank you note were sitting inside… each with a stamp and a handwritten address.  It’s rare to get one of those, let alone three.

get-attachmentI went back inside the house excited to read my “real mail” and it suddenly hit me… “3 gifts stamped.”  God had given me a little miracle in my box at just the right time.  I stopped and noticed everything about each card… Christmas stamps, pretty red envelope, handwritten addresses, notes from friends.  Suddenly, the sadness and heartache that were looming seemed to fade away a bit.  I was able to stop and enjoy each correspondence; thinking about the person who sent it.

How many little moments of Joy do I miss because I’m focused on the big stuff?  It’s all around me in the little things… gifts from heaven. Sometimes I notice them and sometimes God has to orchestrate things to help me STOP and take notice.

Today’s Joy Dare – A gift gold, scented, bent low…

Right after reading this, I scrolled a few posts on FB.  This is the first picture I came across… posted in response to the shooting in CT.

get-attachment-2… bent low.

I couldn’t help but raise my eyes to heaven and once again, thank God for another gift and gentle reminder of God’s calling on my life to be compassionate and love always… no matter the circumstances.

One thought on “It’s The Little Things…

  1. Uplifting words, for sure. Thank you for the honest thoughts Jenny, and encouragement to see life’s, and God’s, “little things” that will bless. They are abundant!

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