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The Shadow Cast Before Me…


Like our shadow, our life stretches out before us. Have you ever tried turning around while looking at your shadow cast in front of you? It’s not there. Your shadow is not behind you… it’s in front of you. Our life is not behind us… it stretches out ahead of us.


Are you one who has your life all planned out? Do you know where you are headed? At one point in my life I thought it did! I knew I always wanted to be an educator. I pursued that path and that is what I’ve been doing for the past 27 years. Now what? As I near the half century mark, I wonder what the next 50 years have for me? Maybe I’ll become tall and thin like my shadow!


This past weekend I spent time with my 14 year old step daughter and my 22 year old niece who is just about to graduate from college. My 14 year old is very perplexed about her future. She has no idea of what she wants to be “when she grows up.” We tried to encourage her that she did not need to know that yet in her life. At 14 I knew what I wanted, therefore never thought about any other options. We tried to encourage her that she has every opportunity in front of her and that she can do whatever she desires… and that does not have to be decided quite yet.


Today, I’ve been a bit distracted by my shadow/life that is cast out in front of me. Is it too late to change direction? Do I have to stay on the path I’ve been on? What else am I passionate about? With less than half my life ahead of me, do I have endless possibilitiesĀ  in front of me like a 14 year old does?

Ann Vosskamp (One Thousand Gifts/Holy Experience – 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Begin Your 2nd Term of Life) wrote, “You don’t get to make up most of your story. You get to make peace with it. You don’t get to demand your life, life a given. You get to accept your life, like a gift.”

The past 50 (almost) years are behind me. Like my shadow, if I turn around, it’s not there. I’m forgiven for all of the mistakes I’ve made. All I have to do now is look forward.


I have no idea what tomorrow may bring. I do know that my life is in the hands of my Creator and the ultimate sunset will be more glorious that I can imagine. I also know that I have the ability to reflect each day on the gifts I’m given and live out the 2nd term of my life with passion and confidence. I’m excited to dream a little more and make every day count more than ever before!

One thought on “The Shadow Cast Before Me…

  1. Beautiful. You also have your entire 2nd half of life ahead of you and your past does not have to define you. Whatever you do you will make a big difference in people’s life!

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