Questions to Ponder

Your Advertisement Here…

I’m sitting here watching all of the stars arrive on the red carpet.  What glam and glitz!  It is so over the top!  Each one of these people appear to have it all… fame, fortune and beauty.  Note my use of the word ‘appear.’  Do they really?  Are their lives as glamorous and wonderful as they advertise in their lifestyles?  I could be wrong, but I bet they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like me!

One of my pastor’s recently preached about how our lives, as Christians, are an advertisement of sorts, for God.  He asked a series of questions for us to ponder.  They really made me think…

  1. Do people think I care?
  2. Am I known for being a hard worker?
  3. Am I seen as strong and gentle?
  4. Am I considered resilient?
  5. Am I viewed as industrious?
  6. Do I appear to always look for the easy way out?
  7. Am I known for sharing or for being selfish?
  8. Is there anyone who aspires to be like me?

These really caused me to pause and begin to reflect on my life.  What does my advertisement look like?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a red carpet event where what you looked like and who you were wearing did not matter, but your character was showcased?  Who would be there? “Who” would they be wearing?

IMG_2310“Who” am I wearing?

Oh, thank you for asking!  I’m wearing Kirkland, by Costco!

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