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I’m tired. Really tired. So tired that sometimes I can’t sleep, tired.

The dictionary defines tired as “depleted of strength or energy.”

Did I mention that I’m tired. It’s that tired that comes from trying to do too many things at one time; both emotional and physical. It’s that tired that makes you dream about when you get to go to bed next… as you are getting out of bed in the morning. It’s that tired that makes you feel behind before you even start.

Tired body… tired mind. Those are a deadly combination. Ever lay in bed absolutely exhausted and can’t sleep? Nothing more frustrating. All you want to do is close your eyes and… then your brain kicks in! Every little thing you need to do, forgot to do, want to do over… running through your mind like a triathlete!

Lately, I’ve been so much more exhausted than usual. Trying to focus on academic things has been a struggle. The only thing that seems to work in the wee hours of sleepless mornings is to hang out with God. Lay it all down at the foot of His cross. This past week I’ve been lost in Matthew, reading about Jesus’ last week on this earth. I’ve been a weeping baby recounting the events leading up to the crucifixion. It really does put everything into perspective.

Today we celebrated the Resurrection! After the amazing service, we gathered and shared communion.. It was a deeply powerful moment as my mother-in-law prayed for all of us. Together we partook of His body and blood. What a poignant moment it was. This weekend not only symbolizes the Resurrection, but the beginning of some long overdue healing and renewed relationships in our family.


Jesus paid the ultimate price… for me… for us… so that we might live. Live a life that glorifies Him. He does not want us to be so burdened on this earth that we are beyond tired. Our rest is in Him.

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