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Grace… Epic Grace…

Have you ever blown it? I mean really blown it? Said something you immediately wish you could take back? Done something that you are ashamed of? Hurt someone with your words or actions? I bet I can safely say that we could all answer ‘yes’ to this question to some degree or another. Have you ever been hurt? Wronged? Let down? Made to feel ashamed? Again… yes.

All of these things, over time, can whittle away at our hearts. They can eventually cause us to doubt our relationships with others… especially God. When these hurts and struggles layer up; one on top of another, they eventually corrode and cause us to break down. It’s like a mechanic who never cleans the leaking oil off of an engine. Eventually, that oil corrodes and the engine stops running.

This summer I’ve had the privilege of being on the launch team for the book Epic Grace, Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, written by my pastor, Kurt Bubna. As I began to read the book I was excited because I know the author and quite frankly, got to read the book before anyone else! I truly went into the book thinking it would be a easy read because I love the way Kurt preaches, therefore he must write like he preaches. Well, I was right! He does write like he preaches. It’s straight to the heart with no strings attached. I also went into this book thinking that I had quite a bit of knowledge about grace. We all know that “grace is that unmerited favor of God granting us his love and forgiveness.” (Mark Batterson, Epic Grace, 2013) Like I said… quick, easy read so I could talk about the book to others and help him market it.

Well, I started reading the book on the first day of August and finished up just a few days ago. While I’m not the fastest reader on the planet, this was not a book that I wanted to read fast… or could for that matter. Every chapter brought new emotions and challenges. One minute I was laughing… only then to find tears running down my cheeks as God showed me in deeper ways His epic grace. Just when I thought I’d read THE BEST CHAPTER, I would start the next one… only to be drawn in again. Laughter, tears, reflection (lots of reflection!).

Oh, the precious moments I’ve had with Jesus, exploring this thing called grace… epic grace. So many times over my 50 years have I messed up. Sometimes I’ve been able to work through them and wipe away the unwanted residue. Sometimes that did not happen and my failures have layered up.

This wonderful book came at just the right time and season in my life. God now has me on a journey like never before. Daily I am experiencing his epic grace… His healing touch on all of the layers that have built up over the years. I’m a “seasoned believer,” so to speak, and this book has opened my eyes and heart to God like I’ve never known Him. I’m so thankful for my pastor, Kurt Bubna, and his heart to write about what God has done (and continues to do) in his life. I hope you can get a hold of this book and expereince the epic grace of God… it’s life-changing.

Check out this trailer for the book. I guarantee you will be hooked and want to order a copy!


One thought on “Grace… Epic Grace…

  1. I was working on my blog entry for today and noticed a link that invited me to check out other bloggers similar to mine which brought me to yours. Your pastor’s book sounds wonderful and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m very new at this blogging thing just having started this week so it was nice seeing yours.

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