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A Moment in Time…

Yesterday I woke early to pouring rain. It was cold and rainy.  As the day progressed, the winds began and it was blustery and cold.

As we sat inside the church, celebrating the life of my sister, the room suddenly lit up for just a few seconds.  The sun came out just briefly and brightened up the room!  You could not help but notice!  As quickly as it came, it went away… back to dark and gloomy.

We all knew what that bright flash of sunlight was… my sister Kathy checking in on her celebration!  It’s almost like God said, “Pssst, Kate… over here!  Look!”  He then parted the clouds and let her take a look.

While it seemed quick to us, it may have been a long time for her.  Time in eternity is not the same as our time here on earth.  My hope is that moment in time was long enough for Kate to know how much she was loved and will be missed.  God gave us all the gift of time to experience His presence and grace.




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