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Just For Today…

Today I have a day.  A week day.  A bereavement day.  A day all to myself.  A day to rest.  A day to invest in some self-care.  A day…

Awake before the crack of dawn because of the time change, I reluctantly got out of bed much earlier than I had hoped.  If I’d lay there any longer, my mind would have gone to all of the things that I should be doing at work on this day I’ve taken for me.

Up and holding a hot cup of coffee I sat to enjoy the quiet of the very early morning.  Instantly my brain goes into list-making mode.  Looking around at my house that has seriously been neglected for the past 6 weeks, I began to create my to-do list for my day off.  Added to that list was an errand for my husband.  Both of us working full time makes mid-week errands a bit more difficult.

Suddenly, I had a long list of things that needed to be done.  Excellent!!  I have an extra day to try to get ahead!  WHAT?????

What happened to “my” day?  A day to lay low.  A day to recoup all that has been lost over the past busy weeks.  A day to call my own.  A day to rest with Jesus and find some peace.

Hmmmm… that thing we call “life” has once again gotten in the way.  Why is it so hard to put aside all of the stuff we need to get done and just be?  The dishes are done.  The leaves are raked (for now!).  Can laundry wait one more day?  The dust will still be on the mantle tomorrow and will gladly wait for me, adding to its already beautiful collection!  How horrible would it be to crawl back in bed with a good book?  The bank closes at 5:00.  I’ve got time!

Ahhhh, time.  That precious thing that I’m not very adept at managing.  Tomorrow I’m back on the gerbil wheel hitting it hard.  For now… just for today… I’m going to work hard at not working hard!

I’m going to enjoy this cool fall day all snuggled in my warm house – thankful for all of that which I’m blessed with.  I will not feel guilty that I should be working and that many of you are working right now.  I’m laying guilt at the foot of the cross and basking in this day set before me.  My heart is full of thanksgiving…


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