Several mornings ago I noticed two crows perched out on our trailer.  They reminded us of the birds on the Windex commercial!  The sat and didn’t move for a very long time.

IMG_2466Not long after that, I noticed a lone crow sitting in the middle of the yard.  He didn’t move much and when I walked out into the yard he only fluttered and hopped away from me.

IMG_2467The Windex Birds began squawking at me.  I left for work hoping that they would all be gone when I returned home.  These black winged creatures are very noisy at very early hours of the morning.

That evening I went out to water the plants and noticed my little friend was still hanging around, now in a different part of the yard.  I simply walked past him and the Windex Birds swooped my head!  Can you say Alfred Hitchcock?  I began to put two and two together.  The lone crow is wounded in some way and can’t fly.  The Windex Birds are his body guards.  As long as he is here, they will also.  Fabulous!  Every so often they call in all of their friends and the trees fill with loud crows squawking!

Now fast forward to today.  I arrive home from work and our little friend is sitting beneath a fir tree near my car.  The Windex Birds are not as present as they have been.  My little friend is not moving much and has labored breathing.  I think he is not long for this world.  Our neighborhood is filled with cats and I’m very surprised that he has not yet been dinner for one of them.  I found myself praying for him tonight and asking God to take him quickly and not let him suffer.  I know… I’m praying for the crows that keep me awake at night!  He seems so helpless and alone.

IMG_2493 IMG_2499 IMG_2497I’ve learned this week that crows are very smart birds and extremely devoted.  As long as my little bird is around, the Windex Birds will be as well.  They have his back. The have not left. Dedication.

It reminds me of the Marine that never left the side of the young man killed in May.  He was with him 24/7 until he was home and delivered to his family.  And after that, he stayed with the family to walk them through the final details.  Dedication.

It also reminds me of Jesus.  He is with me always.  When I am weak and wounded, he watches and waits with me.  When I am alone and isolate myself, He is with me in my loneliness.  When the enemy tries to attack me,Jesus swoops in to protect me.  He will never leave me.  Dedication.  Reminds me of the crows.

As I said earlier, I think my little friend is not long for this world.  The Windex Birds sense it as well.  They are less aggressive and their presence is not as noticeable.  Too bad my little friend does not have the gift of eternity that I have.  He will leave this world and it’s done.  Thankfully that is not the case for you and me!  We move on to glorious eternity!  And Jesus will continue to watch over us.  Forever dedicated.


3 thoughts on “Dedication…

  1. Your little crow is a baby. He might have fallen from the nest early. See his pink lips and blue eyes that is baby crow signs. Hope the little fellow makes it. His parents the Windex pair will do their best to protect him. Feed him meat or worms if he seems to need food. Hope he makes it. They will be your friends forever if he does. R

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