August 2

Twenty-one years ago it was a very important day of my life. Fourteen years ago it became a sad day to remember. Every year when the beginning of August rolls around I have a moment of reflection and a twinge of emotion. Yes, I’m one of those date-remembering people… drives my husband nuts! 


 August 2, 2018

Best day ever! The day our lives changed forever! A day that will now be filled with love and excitement with new memories to be made! The day we became grandparents! 

At 12:49 PM the sweetest, most beautiful little baby boy entered this big big world!    

Back in late December we learned that we would become grandparents in August. We were instantly filled with love and excitement and have anticipated this day since then. 

First thing on the agenda… names! Grandparent names! For reasons not worth mentioning, I did not want to be “grandma.” My sister has a cool grandma name… Jammie M! Since then I knew that if I ever became a grandma I had to have a cool gma name! Nana J…


Papa B and Nana J

I’ve been excited for months, but until yesterday I’m not even sure I knew what I was excited for.  After hearing her water broke, the hours leading up to 12:49 PM on August 2 were emotion-filled with very little sleep.  All I could do was pray.  After getting to the hospital yesterday morning, the minutes seemed to tick backwards.




Tears as I met and talked with a family who welcomed their little Olivia Grace weighing in at one pound. Heart wrenching…

When we finally found out that our little grandson had arrived there were more tears. Papa B was able to go back and see momma and baby. I had told him I wanted my first view of baby to be in person. He felt bad I wasn’t able to go to the active labor room so he took a picture for me.  I resisted looking and then couldn’t help myself. 

That is the moment everything changed. On Papa’s tiny cell phone Baby O was perfect! Tears… so many tears. Now I HAD to meet him in person! 

I am 55 and have no children of my own. I have no schema for a birth nor the wonder of that experience. 

I’ve not had that moment when you lay eyes on that special baby for the first time… until August 2, 2018 as I held him in my arms.

My heart melted into his. 

Nana J holding sweet Baby O. 

Tears were falling out of my eyes! I’ve never quite felt anything like it. I didn’t want to let him go, but the room was filled with all of the stakeholders in his life that wanted a chance to have a moment in his first hours on this planet!                              

So today… August 3… 24 hours later… I still can’t quite wrap my head around it all. I’m struggling with words to describe how I feel.  I’m not blood related to this little man, but the bond I already feel with him is strong. He is the greatest gift for this Bonus Mom! 

I know that God has His hand of grace and protection on this little man and his parents… on all of us for that matter! Many prayers have been whispered for this special boy and I’m hopeful for the amazing life that he is going to have! 

Papa B and Nana J love him deeply already… we can’t wait for the memories we will make with him! We are thankful to his beautiful momma and daddy for letting us share the afternoon with them yesterday… August 2, 2018.

Welcome little man… we love you to the moon and back!

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