It’s a God Thing

Have you ever had times when things in your life connect? Things that are from different parts of your life? Times when the things you are investing in all seem to be of the same theme? All along the way you see where paths cross and the messages you hear all take you to one common place? 

You hear people say that this is fate… karma… coincidence.

I call it God! 

I call it God seeing my life as a beautiful mosaic that He is creating. A beautiful stained glass window for the world to look through and see Him. I see the roads I’m traveling slowly converging to one central location. I see God helping me let go of the past… old stories and beliefs about myself and others. I see God creating in me a new heart for myself and those around me… friends and strangers. 

I have let the hurriedness of life, coupled with an intense “need” for social media shape me over the years. It has left me exhausted, lazy and searching for thew approval from others. For me it’s been the approval that I have a “good life.” That I’m right on track with the “Jones’s” so to speak. 

I have led people to believe that I have all of my ducks in a row. Oh, I have ducks alright… but they are all scattered about running in all directions leaving treasures everywhere!  

My paths right now include reengaging in my faith community in a meaningful way, spending time with a beautiful group of women and going Deeper as we become apprentices to Jesus, and intensive work with a wonderful friend and health coach doing a 90 Day Transformation. Every day I’m blown away at how these are all connected. The messages and lessons and conversations all have a common theme. 

They have taken me to one central place and it involves me becoming who Christ created me to be. I am by nature a peacemaker and a “taker-carer” of others. My default is others first and me last… if I get to me at all. 

I’m learning that I can still take care of others but I also need to take care of me. A new me. A me that sees my value and worth. A me that chooses to make decisions that nurture my heart, mind, body and soul. A me that knows I am fearfully and wonderfully made… called to bring light into a dark world. A me that loves me.

The past year has changed me. I have an amazing grandson who has helped me see life through a different lens. I want to be the best version of me for him. He is a big part of my “why.” When I’m gone I want him to remember his Nana in a way that speaks to the legacy I left behind. 

His Nana who loved Jesus. His Nana who loved people and saw the world as a safe and wonderful place. His Nana who loved fiercely and had a gentle heart and soul. His Nana who could run and play… laughing until we wet our pants (it doesn’t take much for Nana to do that)! His Nana who had a faith as strong as Abraham. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change takes work every day. Some days it’s easier than others. When my heart is directly connected to Jesus I know I can walk through the day with confidence. 

My goal is for this to be my starting place each morning. Sitting at the feet of Jesus and letting Him give me direction for the things that are to come. Standing in the gap on behalf of those who the Lord has entrusted me to pray for. After that I will put one foot in front of the other and try to be the best version I me that I possibly can.  I’m not done here on this earth and I want to make every moment count! 

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