Sweet Riley Bell…

Your name was S’mores and Auntie Kim found you and your sister Olivia on Craig’s List. You were a Calico.  I didn’t want a Calico. I wanted a tabby just like Abigail. You were being fostered by a wonderful family through Positive Outreach Spay/Neuter Advocates after being found in a barn on April 24, 2016… the very same day Abigail crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

When I met you and your sister, you were not that in to me. Auntie was the first to hold you. She knew… but I was skeptical.  I had committed to getting the two of you so home we went. Your foster family was very sad to see you go.  For almost four months no one wanted to adopt the two of you and they fell madly in love with you. I think we were meant to be together and God knew that. When I found out you were born the day Abigail crossed I knew. Funny how things work out like that. 

You warmed to me faster than your sister did. Within hours of our new life together I knew you were not a S’more’s.  I named you Riley Bell.  It just came out of my mouth and it stuck. You were smaller than your sister so you quickly became Little Bit and RB. Riley Bell and Gracie Girl. You two were quite a pair. 

Our three years together were magical. You adopted Papa into your heart quickly as well. You were two peas in a pod.  Your little routines will forever be engrained on our hearts. Papa says he will need to rub my belly and scratch my head before he goes to bed at night as that was your evening routine with him.  

We loved watching you gain your confidence and security.  The first time you splayed yourself out on your back in the middle of the living room was a real turning point. We knew you felt safe and secure to expose your belly like that. It always took you longer to feel safe with outsiders. Auntie was your favorite visitor and you were just beginning to be more brave to be around Omari… on your terms of course!  I had such dreams of the two of you growing up together. 

Your playful spirit was the best!  You loved playing by yourself and when Sissy joined in you would sit back and watch.  I’ll miss watching you rub the little felt  catnip filled hearts and fish all over your head.  I’ll miss the sound of the silly plastic calendar bindings fling all over the house and playing fetch with them.  I think you might have been part dog! You would play and Gracie would sleep! So different yet so alike.

As I’m sitting here with my coffee thinking of you little girl, your sister is laying across my arms as I type.  She spent most of the night sitting in the bedroom window watching outside. She misses you… I miss you… Papa misses you… we miss you.   I’ve cried many tears in the past 16 hours and if you were here you’d me right by my side.  You would be up close near my face making sure I was okay.  Your sensitivity was like no other cat I’ve known. You would nuzzle my face and then I’d rub your head and the purring would begin instantly. 

I’m going to miss early mornings when you would decide to come into the bedroom and search for some loves… purring loudly… very loudly!  My little Purr Girl. Then I’d find you waiting near the end of the bed for us to get up. Then the begging in the kitchen would begin for your nummies! I’m going to miss waking up pined to the bed because you couldn’t lay in between us like Gracie… no you’d lay right on my legs or up against my legs and settle in! 

Oh sweet girl, our lives were filled with your big personality and your tender heart. I’ll miss our snuggles on the couch when you would try to bury yourself behind my arm and back. I’ll miss you sweet little head resting on my lap. I’ll miss our race up the stairs twice a day when it was time to eat. I’ll miss watching you walk through your green tube before heading to your bowl. I’ll miss you being where ever I am. Papa already misses you circling between his legs while he sits in the bathroom and your lap time before bed. My last memory of you two was coming out of the bedroom late Thursday night to see you laying peacefully on his lap getting your nightly rubs. 

Sweet Riley Bell, we miss everything about you. Thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally. Thank you for bringing love and life to us every day for the past three and a half years. Your time on this earth was far too short. I imagined you growing old with us. There must have been something happening in your sweet body and now you are free to run and eat all you want! 

We love you Pretty Girl… until we meet again. 

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