The Tricky Teens…

When young children are learning early number, they often struggle with the teens… the Tricky Teens. The teens seem to live up to their name. As children are learning, they have certain teens that are more difficult than others. One day 15 is tough and then suddenly it makes sense! After much hard work, repetition and effort they master their teens and move on to the 20’s.

Hmmmmm… life is a lot like those “tricky teens.” As I think back over the past decade (2010 – 2019), it has lived up to the title! As I think about our three children (my Bonus’s), they too have lived up to that title. Twelve and thirteen are generally very tricky for students as they learn their teens. Funny how those are also tricky years for people as they transition into their teen years. I don’t think I’m alone when I say we struggled through those as well. 2012 and 2013 were also two of our most difficult years as a family. It also brought the loss of my sister.

Tricky teens… I’m sensing a theme!

As students move up in the teens they get easier to learn because they sound like they look. Six-teen, seven-teen, eight-teen, nine-teen. As our children moved into their teen years things began to turn around as they grew and matured. For our family, the years from 2015 to 2019 brought renewed relationships, high school and post-secondary graduations, a wedding, an engagement and our beautiful grandson. Sadly, it also brought  the loss of my dad and my step mom. Life isn’t guaranteed to be easy and we struggled  through moments and events during those years.  But all in all, the second half brought less heartache than the first.

Tricky teens…

As we close out the teens we head into 2020. Young learners often call twenty, twelve. NOOOOO! Let’s all hope that 2020 is a strong year and we don’t confuse it with 2012!

There is a portion of our population that has already lived in the 20’s… The Roaring 20’s. Blessings on them as they venture into their second go around.. Most of us will only get one shot!

May the God of Hope… The Hound of Heaven …be beside you as you leave the Tricky Teens  and journey into the 20’s!!!!  Happy New Year one and all!


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