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My Passion Favorites…

This past year I attempted to post a picture a day for 365 days.  While I was not anywhere near successful, it was a fun adventure and one I might try again!  Photography has become a passion and creative outlet.  Here are a few of my favorites from my 365 Album.

560284_3418198688598_1149232254_n 205281_3574297070960_1966346817_n 301713_3623960792522_919024495_n 305570_3355601883717_1145168952_n 380251_3539127911753_2141968743_n 391265_3676754272326_498710360_n 422641_3958505555932_609159646_n 482957_3120916416727_385460550_n 523904_3726075305321_99307712_n 525070_3539123911653_1312240741_n 526809_3596848674736_894495379_n 534382_3532991478346_794261632_n 543665_3373453329992_384536080_n 551132_3459819009080_1712314475_n 559644_3450334291968_249229267_n 576371_3472321361631_795024529_n 579758_3467092270907_90942520_n IMG_0003May each of you pursue your passions in 2013.

Happy New Year!

28 Days · A Month in Pictures


If spring won’t show up… then we will make it on our own!  My mother-in-law sent a cool email.  You click on the snowman and the screen turns black.  Then when you move your mouse around the screen, these beautiful flowers appear!  It’s a fabulous garden appearing right before your eyes!  Two more weeks of winter and then this garden will begin to become a reality! 

28 Days · A Month in Pictures

Sacred Saturday…

Today marks Day 26 of my sabbatical from FB!  Today would be the perfect kind of day that I might waste a great deal of time hanging out on FB.  It’s cloudy and very cold, the girls are upstairs, and the boys are heading out to Lowe’s.  This gives me a few hours of time just for me.  There are a million things that I “need” to be doing.  I need to be cleaning the bathroom.  I need to be organizing some drawers and closets.  I need to spend time on some work for school.  I need to nurture my soul a bit.  
Life gets so busy and complicated – filled with lists of things we need to do, must do, or don’t want to do.  How often do we take time to do things that nurture our souls?  I find that my life is so busy and filled with things to do, that I have forgotten how to take some sacred time to do things that bring me back to what is important… home and family.  
I know that Sunday is supposed to be the Sabbath – the day we nourish our hearts with Christ’s fellowship and then rest.  Unfortunately, after church on Sunday’s, we quickly move into “get ready for the week” mode.  Our minds switch to what our week holds and we begin to get geared up for that.  Over this past month of reflection and time to ponder the important things in life, I’ve decided that Saturday is that sacred day… Sacred Saturday.  What kinds of things nurture my soul and family?  Today I took out the old Dorothy Dean cookbook!  If you have any years behind you and grew up around here, you most likely had a Dorothy Dean cookbook on your counter!  I found a peanut butter cookie recipe and decided to actually bake!  I know, right!  Who does that anymore?  We can run to the market and pick up some cookies from the bakery.  Aside from the fact that I do not need peanut butter cookies sitting around, the house smells wonderful, the kitchen is warm, and my family will love them!  My soul has been nurtured a bit today.  I might even continue this trend a little longer and curl up with hot tea and my Kindle.  

As I head into March, I’m determined to spend some time each Sacred Saturday doing something that feeds my soul.  I’m excited to sit with my journal and brainstorm what kinds of things I can do to accomplish this.  I’ve spent so many years filling my days with “busy” that I am not even sure what actually does nurture me.  I’ve definitely had my writing fire flamed and photography is gaining momentum!  Maybe I’ll wake up soon and realize that heading to the gym will nurture my soul!  Well, maybe I should not push the envelope too far out there just yet!  

What nurtures your soul?  I’d love for you to share a comment at the end of this post.  You might suggest something that I’ve never thought about!  Go ahead… post a comment!  No really… post! 

A Month in Pictures

The Early Morning Sky…

This morning, I awoke early to my bladder alarm!  I came out into the dining room and noticed a bright light.  I thought maybe we had left a light on.  Then I realized that it was the moon shining through the window.  I quickly grabbed my phone and took this picture.  I should have used the good camera, but did not want to completely wake up!  The good camera would have required me to go outside and actually think about the picture.  So, phone camera it was!  

The moon was sitting just above a “cloud wall” that was sitting right above my neighbors house.  It was beautiful!  I took the picture and then answered my alarm call.  By the time I was done, the moon was already slipping down below the cloud wall.  It was truly amazing to watch… for a second… before sneaking back to bed to “sleep in.”