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To Share or Not to Share…

As I approach my 52nd birthday, I’ve come to the conclusion that good health is not going to happen on it’s own.  If I want to be healthier, thinner, in better shape… I must work at it!  I’ve struggled with my weight since the womb!  I was born fat!  With this gift has come 51 years of bad habits, disappointments, old tapes that play over and over and a very fragile self-esteem.

Upon turning 50, I began to be a bit more assertive and confident.  Having spent my entire life being a people-pleaser and peace maker, I decided it was high time I took care of ME!  I’ve slowly begun to care more about what is best for me and not just what is best for others.

Also upon turning 50, my body began to show more signs of aging than ever before!  It’s true what they say… everything goes downhill… literally!  Things that I could always do, even being overweight, were getting more difficult.  This bummed me out and worried me.  If I feel this way at 50 then what will I feel like at 60?  70?

Over the past 4 years or so I’ve been taking wellness steps.  They have been life-changing.  I’m healthier than I’ve ever been… except for the weight.  The weight that has been mine and only mine for 51 years.  It’s a heavy burden to bear… literally!

February 2, I began walking down a new path.  A clean-eating path that does not include sugar, processed foods or gluten.  The gluten part is an experiment to see how I feel.  Today marks 12 days of freedom from these things!  I’ve also committed to some sort of movement each day.  If you know me at all, you know that I’ve never met an exercise that I like!  It’s not my go-to!  In my mind I long to be a sleek runner out enjoying the fresh air.  My reality – too much weight on my old bones and it’s just not pretty!

For the past 2+ weeks, I’ve found a new love for walking outside.  I have walking tapes… they bore me to death!  We have had spring-like weather and I’m starting to take advantage of it!  It feels good!

I’m learning so much about myself as I work to care for me on a more intentional level.  I’ve got some very old tapes to destroy and some habits to break… one day at a time.  One thing I’m learning is that I have to make my journey public.  Without accountability I will never succeed.

My struggle is that it feels very self-serving to tell others about the successes that I’ve had.  I’m more inclined to tell you when I’ve failed than succeeded.  That is a mindset that I must change.  I need the encouragement of others and I want to be that encourager to others as well!  Why does it feel bad to share the positive?  If feels like bragging and I learned as a kid that bragging was not a good virtue.

So, when I post on FB a success I’ve had, I’m not bragging… I’m celebrating!  And yes, I love the “way to go’s” and “good job’s”!  I love the encouragement… we all do!  We all need to surround ourselves with a community that lifts us up and helps us along the way… even when we slip and fall.

This morning as I walked, I was smiling the entire way!  I was outside moving!  I was breathing and moving and doing something good for ME!  All by myself!  If you know me, you know that I don’t really like to do things alone.  Today, I put on my big girls and my new bright blue shoes and hit the road!  I was accompanied by the Decemberists and walked a Personal Best!


I’m so thankful to not be on this journey alone.  I have a wonderful support network and I’m learning that it’s okay to let the world know!  I have a new love for ME that I have never really had.  And that love is fueled by my amazing God in heaven!  He created me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made!  I am not defined by my job, my husband, my scale or anything or anyone else.  I am a daughter of the King and He is the reason I got out of bed this morning!

So, here’s to 50 more years of healthy living… for it’s never too late to make a change!

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Have you ever been heading down the road in one direction feeling fairly confident that you are on the right track, when suddenly your direction changes? Questions arise in your mind…


What now?


Life is funny that way. When I think I’ve got it all figured out and feel confident that I’m tuned in to God’s plan for me…that’s when the direction changes. I’ve seen it happen over and over in my life. Why does it surprise me every time?

Sometimes the road changes to a smoother road; easier to travel on.  Surprise!  Other times the road seems worn down and more difficult to travel.  The ruts seem deeper and I have to slow down. The operative word is ‘seem.’ My perception is that it’s more difficult and I will struggle more now than before.  Surprise!

After hitting a huge pot hole and being jarred a bit, the next stretch is smoother.  And the view… oh, how the view on this short stretch is breath taking.  Well, there’s a surprise!

The road is full of hills – some steep and scary while others are gentle and easy to climb. They make the journey difficult and exciting at the same time.  Then there are the straight stretches that seem to go on and on forever with nothing new or different.  It’s on those that I tend to fall asleep and lose sight of the journey I am on.

Then I round that corner and the road opens up to magnificent scenery all around me.  Eyes open wide, my senses are now more alive than ever.  I’m seeing life from a totally new vantage point.  Surprise!

Everyone is on a road leading to somewhere.  That somewhere we don’t really know.  I’d like to think my trip tic is all planned and I’m ready for whatever turn in the road God brings.  Nope. Not so much. Two weeks ago I wrote about all the amazing things that I felt God was opening up for me in the months to come.  Excited for the challenges He was putting in my path.  As I wrote, I had an idea of a few, but felt that stirring in my soul that there was more.  The road I was on was smooth (at that moment!) and the scenery was grand!

Hopeful!  I was feeling so hopeful! Almost giddy!  An emotion I had not felt in some time.  Little did I know that just around the bend was a road I’ve never traveled before.  A road full of ruts and hills and challenges.  A road with amazingly beautiful scenery and then stretches that are long and mundane.  A road that is forcing me to keep my eyes forward and not stray.

That giddy, hopeful road I was traveling was changed overnight. I thought I had the trip all planned out… excited for the adventures ahead. Now I’m on a different road… a potentially long road, that at times, feels like that long one with no scenery. The past two weeks have been full of hills and ruts, with some beautiful surprises along the way!

I can’t look back… for we all know that get’s us nowhere.  I can’t strain to look too far ahead, for this road does not allow for that!  For now, I’m staying in the moment.  Keeping my eye on the path in front of me. No matter the road that God has me on, He is traveling it with me. He encourages me along the way – slowing me down… speeding me up…gently steering me around dangerous potholes… surprising me along the way!



puget sound


winery road



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The Gifts of Advent…

Recently, I’ve been drawn into watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  I know what you are thinking… please don’t judge me!

Most of the movies portray Christmas in a very sweet, festive light…always with a happy ending. If you just watch one or two, it’s fine. If you watch more than that, you begin to see the “life is always a happy ending” message that Christmas movies 24/7 send. It’s like too much FB.  After a while, you begin to look at your own life and those around you in comparison to the movies. Most really don’t compare.

This past week I sat on a Child Study Team. Teachers come to talk about students who are really struggling and we discuss ways to help them and whether or not they need to be assessed for learning issues. Our latest meeting brought to the table four primary students. We began the discussions around their strengths and what they do well. Then we moved to their struggles, both emotionally and academically. By the end of our time together, it dawned on me, that while each of these four students struggle academically, their bigger issues were emotional. Each one comes from a home life that seems impacted by emotional and financial stress. They live in chaotic worlds. We brainstormed ways to support the students as well as their families. Our meeting ended with learning about a special needs student that lost his 8 month old sister while he was snuggling with her. She was wrapped up in blankets and suffocated. We all sat devastated. With heavy hearts we ended our meeting and headed home on that dark and cold December evening.

As I drove home, my heart was heavy. How can I help these kids and their families? What can I do to ease their pain and suffering? I’ve got my own stuff, but suddenly it didn’t seem very important. I was feeling hopeless about the current state of our families and the immense need so many of them have. Braving the quickly-dipping temperatures, I was forced to stop for gas. I was numb as I stood at the pump, willing the gas to fill my tank quickly. My mind was whirling with the images of these sweet kids that I have the privilege of working with each day. The tank filled and I grabbed my receipt. As I was getting settled in my warm car, the woman behind me honked and jumped out of her truck. She came to alert me that I had not put my gas cap back on or closed the little door. I’ve never done that! I thanked her over and over. What a warm blessing she was to me in that moment. My hope felt a bit more restored. I was able to see some goodness in what felt like such a dismal world around me.

This week has marked the beginning of the 2013 Advent Season. I began reading a wonderful book by Ann Voskamp called The Greatest Gift – Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas. Each day she shares a small morsel of hope in what seems like a ever-declining world. Here are some excerpts from Days 1-6 along with photo’s of the ornaments from The Jesse Tree that Ann provides to compliment her Advent readings.

Day 1 – “There, here, in the midst of the inconceivable, the loud claims, the hard sells, the big spectacles, (*the hopeless feeling so many have) Christ comes small, the micro- macro-miracle who comes in the whisper and says, Seek Me. Just where you are, look for the small glimpses of God-glory breaking out, sprouting, shooting, unfurling, bearing fruit, making the shoot that bears witness to God – the hardly noticed child, the hymn hummed over the sink, the unassuming woman bent at the register, the dog-eared Word of God beckoning from the shelf.”

IMG_4001Day 2 – “This Christmas story… It begins with the always coming of Christ…No matter your story before, this is your beginning now; you were formed by Love… for love.”

IMG_4002Day 3 -“And your God, He’s coming now, everywhere, for you…God refuses to to give up on you.  Your God looks for you when you’re feeling lost, and your God seeks you out when you’re down, and your God calls for you when you feel cast aside.  He doesn’t run down the rebel.  He doesn’t strike down the sinner.  He doesn’t flog the failure.”

IMG_4003Day 4 – “How did we ever find ourselves with the gift of finding favor with God?  God, who hung the stars – He has taken a thread of His heart and tied it to yours.  And He didn’t need to, but God tied His heart to yours so when you feel pain, He fills with pain.”

IMG_4004Day 5 – “This is the gift that wraps up all stresses quiet: I will bless you. … But the weight of everything melts like thinning snow in the heart of His words: “I will bless you.”  He will not burden you.  He will not break you.  He will bless you – the God if invincible reliability, the God who has infinite resources, the God who is insistent love.  You can always go ahead and breathe – He will bless you.  You can always breathe when you know all is grace.”

IMG_4005Day 6 – “The gigantic secret gift that He gives and we unwrap, that we never stop unwrapping – we who were barren now graced with the Child who lets us laugh with relief for all eternity.  There is nothing left to want.  There is nothing left to fear: “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.” (Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts) And His for you never will.  So loosen up, because the chains have been loosed, and laugh the laughter of the freed.  Laughter – it’s all oxygenated grace.”

IMG_4006(Above are photo’s of ornaments from Ann Voskamp’s website – A Holy Experience – Jesse Tree – each coinciding with every day of Advent.)

So much hope each day in a few short pages of words.  I love that it’s not about bows and packages and stockings and lights and trees.  It’s about the Giver becoming the gift.

“The Giver becomes the Gift, this quiet offering.  This heart beating in the chest cavity of a held child, a thrumming heart beating hope, beating change, beating love, beating the singular song you’ve (*we’ve) been waiting for – that the whole dizzy planet’s been spinning round waiting for.  Waiting.   Advent… it means “coming.” (A. Voskamp, The Greatest Gift)

I don’t want the quiet stresses that seem to surface during the holidays to trump the gift of Jesus coming this Advent.  The waiting… I don’t want the waiting to be clouded with things that are not important.  I want to clearly see and breathe the grace and hope that is mine (ours) for the taking!  There is no greater gift…

IMG_4007* my thought inserted into her words from the book

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It’s Raining Again…

Rain. Sometimes we love it and sometimes we hate it. It truly depends on the time of year and how long it lasts. This summer has been hot and dry. The pretty green has begun to take on the hot, dry faded look. The blue sky is less blue, the grass has that “not enough water” look, and the air never seems to cool down.

Enter a summer storm! Ahhhhh, refreshment! The rain began last evening. It was heavenly to go to bed with the sound of a soft summer rain falling outside the window. Needing to use the blanket to cover up as I slept was a little slice of heaven. Waking to the continuous sound of rain… comforting. The sounds, the feel, the smell, the chill… they all evoke emotions and memories in me. So, I’ve spent a bit of time this morning reflecting on those.

The first thing I thought of as I awoke this morning was the sound of the rain. Suddenly, I was at camp, laying in my sleeping bag on my cot, trying to keep warm as the rain fell outside our shelter. Then I was at the lake. Laying in the middle bedroom on the bunk bed, listening to the rain outside, hitting the leaves as it fell. Every other sound seems to disappear as the rain takes the forefront. For a moment, I was transported back in time to a place and a memory that make me smile.

As I bundled up and sat on the patio with my coffee and iPad, I thought about another sweet rain memory. The Lake! I loved a rainy day at the lake! There is nothing cooler than swimming in the rain! The water seems so warm compared to the air temperature! The surface of the lake seemed to be calmer on a rainy day. After swimming, we would get out and change into warm, snuggly clothes and then hang out in the cabin… fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate and games. Hours and hours of card and board games! Popcorn was usually on the menu, as well! I recall one weekend when we headed to the lake, my parents knowing it was going to be rainy both days, bought us brand new color books! As a young girl, there was nothing cooler! Mine was Cinderella! The sound of the rain on the cabin roof was so comforting and tranquil as we colored and enjoyed quiet family time.

A rainy day at camp was really a nice reprieve… if it was only for a day or so! Garbage bag hikes through the wet forest! A fire in the dining hall fireplace! Hot chocolate as a treat after the rain hike! Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch! And the best part of all…. a canoe ride down the bay on the calm lake with a gentle falling rain… serenading the residents along the shore as we paddled along. I can close my eyes and remember like it was yesterday!

I love the rain because it seems to clear things out. My car that looked very dirty yesterday, looks clean today! The grass is a bit greener! The air feels fresh and clear. The leaves don’t have that dry, dusty look to them. The plants are singing a resounding “thank you” to the heavens for the extra bit of nourishment and reprieve from the heat. It’s like God is pouring an extra portion of grace on all of us… healing grace, gentle grace, loving grace, unearned grace, epic grace. And with no strings attached.

I’ll take it! A gift that requires nothing in return, yet gives us so much. Refreshing… grace-filled rain.


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
And I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see so clearly

And Hallelujah, grace like rain
Falls down on me
And Hallelujah, all my stains
Are washed away, they’re washed away.
(Todd Agnew – Grace Like Rain)



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Too much time…

Ever have too much time on your hands? Most people would answer with a resounding NO! Usually, I would say NO… are you kidding me? Too much time?

I’m an educator. From mid-August to mid-June I work my tail off. Yes, we get “vacations” like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break, but I don’t really consider those “vacations.” They are time away from the job, usually spent being extremely busy at home doing all of the things you ignore while putting in 10 hours days and weekend time during the school year. Those little breaks are spent trying to catch up on sleep and getting rested so you can attack the next leg of the journey.

Then comes summer. Ahhhh, beloved summer! We long for that last day of school and then the first morning of waking up without the alarm! The anticipation is exhilarating! The first morning… that morning when you can finally sleep in on a week day… NOT! Eyes wide open and brain whirling at o’dark early… just like on a school day. Actually on a school day the alarm would have to rally you out of a deep sleep. But not on the first day of vacation.. or the second… or the third! The internal alarm clock has a brand new battery in it!

Finally, the chance to do all the things you put off during the school year. Closets, cupboards, floors, drawers… the list goes on. Really? This is “vacation!” Who does that on vacation? I’ve come to understand finally, that vacation is that trip you take away from every day life… away from your home… to a place you’ve never been… with people you don’t know… and that costs you a bunch of money. I think I’ve only been on a handful of actual “vacations” in my lifetime.

So back to summer “break.” I know what I “need” to be doing. I know what I “should” be doing. I know what I “don’t want” to be doing. The thing I struggle with is what do I really “want” to be doing? What really feeds my soul? What nurtures my heart? What brings me joy? So begins the task of thinking about “me” and working to get myself ready to tackle another school year in August.

Many struggle have surfaced this summer. I’ve come to realize things about myself that I’m not sure I ever really knew.

The first one is guilt. I feel guilty sending my husband off to work as I sit back down with my cup of coffee and iPad. I feel guilty taking a day to do absolutely nothing of any importance or significance. I feel guilty that I don’t run to the gym and have an amazing workout every morning. Guilt is a heavy burden to carry and I’m working hard to let it go. Feeling guilty to think about only myself is troublesome. It robs me of the joy God intended for me. It’s something I’ve grown up carrying. My mom was the president of the Guilt Club. My job is to take care of others… often leaving myself out of the equation.

The second thing I’ve learned about myself is my ability to over-think. WAY over-think! When I’m busy during the school year, I think about my job and what needs to be done when I get home each day. The topic of ME is rarely in the thinking plan. But now it’s summer. I’ve got day after day home alone to think about what I have not accomplished… what I need to accomplish… what I may never accomplish. I over-think relationships… rehashing things I’ve said and done… wishing I could have a do-over. I over-think my marriage and the conversation we may have had or not had the evening before or the look that he gave or didn’t give. I think about all of my friends that are on amazing vacations and then invite myself to a “pitty party” for one. We can’t afford a vacation… my husband has to work all summer and gets no time off… there are too many things to do around the house to leave for a weekend…whaa whaa whaa. After a while I regret inviting myself to the party!

This summer, in my over-thinking time, God has recently settled himself into my thoughts and quiet time, and begun a work… destination unknown. Together, we are on a journey. He has landed a book in my lap that I’m laughing and crying through called Epic Grace, by my pastor, Kurt Bubna. I’m part of the launch team and have the privilege of reading it before it is released. God knew that once school started I would not have the same “thinking time” as I have now. Funny how He always knows the best timing. So much of my over-thinking time has been spent cataloging my failures and disappointments. I’m learning that nothing I have done or will do can rob me from of gift of grace from my Father…epic grace!

So, today marks a turn in the road for me. I’ve finally figured out that I need to embrace this time that I do have and invest in it wisely. While it may not be time that manifests itself by turning my house into a Sunset Magazine feature home ( I think it might be more like a Horders episode!), it is a time to invest in ME. Yikes, just typing that is hard. The next two weeks will be my “vacation” from over-thinking and people pleasing. It will be a journey to a place that I’ve never been… and maybe include people I don’t know. It won’t cost money, but it will cost my time and personal investment. I’ve spent too many a summers vacationing on the River Denial. While it’s a nice place, my lease is up and I’ve got to find me a new place to live!

So, as the song Too Much Time on My Hands rolls through my head, let “vacation” begin!!!

Gratitude Friday


Well, 2012 is here and this is the first moment I have had free to sit and actually write.  The first 20 days have flown by and been extremely busy.  Today is a much needed day of rest in the form of a snow day.  I’ve accomplished very little today, except the dishes and exploring my new blog site.  I am trying very hard not to feel guilty.  If I had been at work I would have been very busy and never stopped moving from the moment I arrived.  I’m trying not to think of all the things I need to do just for work alone and it makes me tired!

What does it mean to rest?  Sunday is supposed to be the sabbath day of rest.  On Sunday’s I’m a crazy woman trying to get everything from the weekend done so I can start another week at school.  Why do I feel so guilty “doing nothing” or accomplishing small tasks that have no real significance?  I fantasize an afternoon curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, hot tea and a good book.  But because there are so many things to be done, putting myself in that relaxed setting seems almost impossible.  I am always aware of the many things that need to be done around me, from the visible ones to the hidden ones that constantly loom in my mind.  You know, those drawers and closets that you have every good intention of cleaning out and organizing.  I’m thinking of one right now that has been on my mental “To Do” list for a very long time.  Out of sight, out of mind…. until I sit down to rest and take personal time for me.  Life moves at an unhealthy pace and we all fall prey to the hurry and hustle around us.  How often to you indulge in a day of rest to rekindle the things you are passionate about?  If you could have that day, what would it look like?  I think we all need to take more time to refresh and restore our souls.

Today I am grateful for this unexpected day of rest and the beautiful snow outside.  I’m also going to learn from my cat… now she knows how to rest!


Gratitude Friday


It’s Friday again!  I love Friday!  It means a break in the action is coming!  At times I find myself living for Friday.  I wonder how much of life I am missing as I “will” Friday to be here?  It seems to take forever to get here and then is gone in a flash!  And the two days that proceed it go even faster!  I know that there are 24 hours in each and every day… that never changes.  Why do some feel like they fly by and others take twice as long?  I guess we are back to that perspective thing again!  

We turned the clocks ahead one hour last weekend and I am still feeling it!  While I have more light hours in the day, it seems like I have less sleep hours in the night.  Is that times fault or mine? Am I being more productive with that extra hour of daylight?  Have I taken a walk or done a little yard work or spent some time exercising?  Ummmmm…. that would be a no.  So far it has just messed with my time clock and when I realize what time it really is… then I’m in a panic over things I have not done yet!  When will I learn?  I definitely need to find a class on time management and productivity!  No more excuses!  No more feeling like I can go to bed earlier because it is dark!  No more excuses for not being able to take a walk because it is dark! 

While I’ve not been given another actual hour in my day, it does feel a bit like the gift of a more time.  I want to embrace that gift and use that “extra hour” for things that matter and are for the good of the tribe!  No more excuses!  Spring is just days away and for that I am grateful!  

So, on this Gratitude Friday I am grateful for:

  • the coming of spring
  • the extra hour of daylight
  • the sun that has made more appearances lately
  • small signs of health returning to my family
  • my husband and his amazing integrity
  • the gift of time
  • the gift of creativity and the ability to express it in so many ways

Take time today to stop and think about what you are grateful for.  Tell someone! 

Gratitude Friday

Gratitute Friday…

As my evenings have started to go later and later… my mornings have begun to get harder and harder.  Imagine that! This morning the alarm went off for a longer than usual time… it was going off in my dream and I was ignoring it!  When I finally realized that it was mine in real life… well then I had to find it!  Like I said… harder and harder!  

With a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket, I’m sitting pondering my gratitude list.  While I’m sure there are a myriad of things in my head and heart that I am grateful for, what is actually making it to the surface is from the short list!

Today, I’m grateful for…

  • Friday… there is no other way to say it… Friday!

  • God’s faithfulness to answer prayer… even when it is not what seems to best for our own time line.  

  • For a much needed change that will strengthen and restore hope!

  • The opportunities that I am given to serve at our wonderful church!
  • The promise of spring!
Tulips… my favorite flower! (Not from my garden!)  


28 Days · Gratitude Friday

Gratitude Friday…

Friday… I love the sound of that word… Friday!   I’m grateful for Friday… it means that I get a break from the madness to spend a few days at home to refuel before the next week of madness begins.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the madness!  I thrive on the madness!  The madness is what gets me out of bed in the morning!  But that break from the madness… that is truly something to be grateful for.

A few other things I’m grateful for this very cold (zero degrees!) morning…

  • my hot coffee to warm me as my very old, cold house begins to warm up

  • the madness (or more fondly referred to as my job)… without that, I would not be sipping said hot coffee in my very old, cold house 
  • my new Birthday Club friends… we gathered for the first time last night and laughed and laughed and laughed… so good for the soul

  • the kids coming this weekend… as they grow and change, our relationships are growing and changing… getting better and better
  • February only having 28 days… and today is number 25… if my math is correct… that only leaves 3 more… hmmm, wonder what March will bring?

 One last thing I am grateful for is my commitment to stay off FB for 28 long gut-wrenching days!  Last night I almost fell off the wagon!  The girls at Birthday Club opened it up to show a picture of our mutual friend, Gnomey Blistwick.  As I looked across the table, I saw the open FB page.  I quickly turned away!  For a split second I felt as if I’d ruined everything that I had worked for!  It felt as if I’d sipped that beer… or taken a bite of that cookie.  I know that probably sounds crazy, but when you are addicted to something it is very difficult (and feels nearly impossible) to stay away from it.  It is at that point in an addicted person’s journey that we feel like we have failed and might as well just throw in the towel and go back to the way it was.  If you’ve struggled with any kind of addiction then you are probably nodding your head in agreement.  If you have never struggled with addiction, well then…. you are extremely lucky.  That silly little incident last night strengthened my resolve even more to finish out what I have committed to.  And, if any of you FB friends are wondering if I’ve gone onto FB just to look…. NO, I have not!  Have I thought about it… YES!  Have I done it?  NO!  I did have to log in from my phone, via Scrabble, to finish a game with a friend, but quickly logged off when the Scrabble game was over!  That doesn’t count, does it?

As I read over what I’ve written thus far, I am realizing that each time I write, I discover or reveal another little piece of who I really am.  I am also feeling more comfortable putting my heart out there for the world (or no one!) to see.  I think it’s time to consider blogging about the one issue that paralyzes my life, and has since I was young girl… food.  FB aside, food is that huge addition in my life.  Maybe opening up about my addiction for all the world to see will help me (and possibly others) in my journey… bring it to the forefront… force me to quit hiding behind it.  Ah, yes… maybe these 28 days truly have had more purpose in my journey than I even realize… and for that on this very cold Friday morning… I am grateful! 

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Gratitude Friday…

I am sitting here on Snow Day #2!  Vacation has officially begun early!  After the 30 hours of snow stopped falling, we were able to get out and begin the clean up.  We spent several hours outside shoveling up our block so that we could have a path to safely walk.  We measured over 2 feel of snow at our house!  Amazing!  It snowed last night and is lightly snowing right now.  There is more shoveling to be done, but man oh man, my back hurts!  Another big storm is expected this weekend.  

As I sit here and look outside at the winter wonderland, I am reminded of all that I have to be grateful for on this gratitude Friday before Christmas…

The freedom we have to worship and celebrate that which we love and believe.  The nativity ornament, for me, sums up why we are here on this earth – to love those around us as Christ loves us.

The many sacred symbols of the season.  I love the peace and serenity of the Christmas tree and the beautiful things we hang to remind us of what is good and right.  
Brian… the love of my life!  Together, we make the ordinary things in life extraordinary!  This latest storm has afforded us the gift to be home together – shoveling, laughing, praying, cooking and stopping long enough to really appreciate the simple things in life!  

Simple thoughts… simple post… simple gratitude…

Happy Gratitude Friday!