One One TwoTwo

One One TwoTwo

A new day. A new month. A new year.

In the big picture nothing is really different. It is just another day on the calendar.

Hard things don’t magically vanish.

Good things don’t mysteriously appear.

But we do get a choice… a chance… each and every day.

A choice/chance to be nice, love more, show grace (even when it seems difficult), take care of ourselves so we can be strong for and care for others, laugh, and connect not isolate.

Each day is an opportunity to refocus our lens and perhaps take a different picture. Start a new photo book!

Some things can be changed, yet some can’t.

Regardless, we have the One hope to hold tight. To guide us, grow us, protect us, and love us. Our own Personal Assistant to help us make the most of each day.

Love came down as a baby and now on this first day of this new year we can take hold of this gift and let Him walk with us through twenty twenty two.

One One TwoTwo

Such adventure awaits!

Is your lens ready to refocus?