28 Days · Healing · Questions to Ponder

32GB’s of Storage…

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the day in a sanctuary full of amazing women.  We all gathered to spend the day with a beautiful team of women from In His Grace Ministries.  Together, we experienced a THRIVE event.  We worshiped, we laughed, we cried, we prayed… and we came away knowing that we are chosen, strong, victorious, beautiful, and royalty.  It was a lot to take in all in one day.  I came home filled up and yet, full of questions and ponderings.

As I began to pray and journal this morning, I could hardly write as fast as my pen needed to move.  Something happens when I begin to write, and thoughts and feelings spill out onto the paper that I did not even know I had.  We all have baggage – some of us have more pieces than others.  Well, that baggage/luggage is hard to carry around and over time gets worn and not so pretty to look at.  If it’s done any kind of traveling then most likely the airlines have banged it up a bit and maybe even dented it!  Mine is pretty beat up! 

Well, being the technology geek that I am, I have learned the secret!  Who needs to carry around a 5-piece set with extra bags on top of that.  I have learned to store all of my stuff on a handy pen drive.  You know, the little gadget that resembles a tube of lipstick.  At first, all I needed was 1GB of storage.  Then one day I realized that I needed to up my storage, for life had thrown more curves and I had more things to store – thus the 2GB drive.  Every once in a while I have opened up the pen drive and cleaned things up – deleting files that were no longer needed.  What a great feeling that is!   This past year has ramped up my need for greater storage of my “luggage.”  It’s funny how we accumulate things as we get older.  I have graduated to a 32 GB drive… and wow, does that hold a lot of stuff!  Surely I don’t need that much storage! Better safe than sorry!

As I began to journal this morning, I realized that I have so much stuff hidden away that if I don’t seriously weed things out and make some changes, I am heading for a 500 GB or possibly 1 terabyte of storage.  It’s time for an extreme make-over.  It’s time I open up all of my files and let the Creator of the Universe in to help delete some old and organize some others.  While my pen drive is small and you might not even know that I have it, it’s there.  Every time I have to buy one that requires more storage space, it comes with a cost.  The older I get, the costlier it gets… and I’m not just talking money.  I’m excited to clean up and delete old files.  I’d love to get my storage back down to 1GB with room to spare.  This is not something that I can do in a weekend or even a month.  My need for 32GB did not happen overnight, thus it will not go away overnight.  With the help of the Creator of the Universe and some amazing people in my life, I think I might just be able to begin to THRIVE and better live out my story that was written in the Book of Life before I was even born!  

What kind of luggage set do you have?  Have you stream-lined down to a pen drive so no one even knows you have it?  What is your storage capacity?  Just something to think about…

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