Psalm 139…

Lord, you have searched me completely and you know about everything!
You know my every move – morning, noon, and night!
You even know what I’m going to say before I say it…
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be pleasing to you, O God.(Psalm19:14)
You’ve surrounded me on all sides and your gentle hand rests upon me… some days that is more than my heart and mind can even begin to understand!

Is there anywhere I can go that Your Holy Spirit is not?  
Where could I possibly go that You are not right there beside me? 
Whether I am in a good place or hard place… You are there.
If I decide to take a Prodigal Son journey… You are there.
You are there… Your gentle and strong hand guiding my path and holding me steady.
There is no dark place too dark for You… and You bring light to every place I dwell.

God, You made me!
You had me all figured out before I was even conceived!
Your character went into my creation!  Thank you, Lord!  
You created everything about me and had me all planned out before anyone else ever even thought about me or laid eyes on me!
You authored a beautiful book about me… detailing my days before the first one even began.
You think about me and gently love me more times than there are grains of sand in the ocean…
Wow!  To infinity and beyond!  

Lord, those hard people in my life… would you deal with them?
Your ways are not my ways.
Who am I to judge or condemn them?  You know exactly who I am talking about.  Change my heart, O God.

Search me, O God and know my heart deeply.
Challenge me, Lord, and hear my anxious thoughts.  
Anything, Lord, that is not pleasing to you… haul it away!
Heavenly Papa, lead me, guide me, and love me in Your way.

I love you…


2 thoughts on “Psalm 139…

  1. That was so beautiful. I looked through your messages, you seem to have such peace and joy. May God continue to keep His hand on you.I read something which I knew, but someone said it, and brought it to focus..timely. He goes through through this valley with is a valley , not always, but at times it is a dark valley…he goes through this valley with us. We are never alone. He is going to take us all the way in.I have read things in the Bible that God promises His Children. At times I have railed to him about people being mean to me. Then I stop, and think, this is God, the creator. I am his Child. He loves me. Be careful, pray for them, or pray about my feelings. I need to be careful of what I request of Him. I am glad to know he is not going to do anything but listen, and he is just and merciful.

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