Be Still…

I’m a talker.  I love to talk, share stories, laugh.  While I love to talk, I also love to listen.  I think I’m a good listener and have even been known to give some wise counsel a time or two.  Over the past year or so, I have been working through the idea of “talking less and listening more.”  Several friends have teased me mercilessly about this… I don’t think they believe I am capable!  It truly is something that I am working on.  It tends to make people uncomfortable.  When I sit back to just listen and not take center stage with my stories and humor, people immediately think something is wrong.  As I grow older, I don’t want to be the center of attention… the one that makes people laugh.  I want to really listen to others and take in the conversations around me.  I want whatever comes out of my mouth to be wise and meaningful.  I don’t want to leave gatherings with that feeling that I’ve said too much. 

Being the talker that I am, I also love to talk to God.  When I say “talk to God” I mean that I do most of the talking!  I lay it all out for Him… as if He does not already know!  I can’t leave out any details or ideas for solving my dilemmas.  Here’s what’s going on, Lord… here are some ideas to solve it… now you take it and make it happen!  I can just see Him up there shaking His head.  Silly girl, I’ve already got this one taken care of.  

My morning quiet time is changing up a bit.  I’m working on trying to sit quietly before the Lord and let Him speak to me!  Now there’s a concept!  As I sit and contemplate one of my favorite scriptures, Psalm 46:10… Be still and know that I am God, I’m learning that while I know He is God, I don’t sit quietly very well.  My mind goes to all kinds of places and I am once again back to solving my own problems.  Our world is such a noisy place and the older I get, the harder that is for me.  I long to make a difference in this world and know that I have a greater chance if I listen to the wise counsel of my Father.  Be still… and know.

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