After the winter…

Last summer we planted tomatillo’s in our garden.  They dominated the garden in their beauty.  Look at their vibrant and color… full of life!   I might have them again, just for the beauty and uniqueness they add to the space.  They almost look whimsical!

Now fast forward seven months after winter.  Laying in the bare raised beds were these beautiful tomatillo shells.  They survived heavy rains, snow and  very high winds.  They look so frail, as if they could be smashed in one step.  Yet, there they sit… on top of the soil… out in the elements… in all their simple beauty.

As I studied and photographed them, I was in awe of the intricate beauty of these frail shells.  I could literally crush them up in my hand if I chose to.  The dichotomy of their frailness and strength has me thinking.  How does such a small plant survive such harsh conditions and still radiate such simple beauty?  They were center stage in the summer garden!  Then came winter.  How did they survive?  They have a strength that is not visible to the human eye.  If they could talk, what tales would they tell?  How many of us have weathered years of living, some grand and some difficult.  Do we now see ourselves as frail just because we are older and do not look as we once did?  What strength lies beneath our outer shell that looks fragile and weathered?  I’m looking at my life a bit differently today.  I know that I have strength that does not show on the surface.  How I choose to use that strength and courage is up to me.  As intricately as God made these simple tomatillo plants, He also created me!

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