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Everything I’ve Learned…

In a matter of days, I will have been on this earth 50 years. There was a time in my life when I thought 50 was really old. Well, today I’m rethinking that a bit! I was recently told that the 40’s are the old age of your youth and 50’s the youth of your old age. Interesting perspective. So, I guess I’m young again!

Since I’ve most likely lived over half my life already, I’ve decided that I needed to record some of the lessons and “profound” ideas that I’ve learned thus far. So, here is a snippet of my random list in no particular order of importance or thought process. Remember… I’m almost 50!

1. When you get a new box of Crayola Crayons, once you begin using them they will never be the same again, no matter how you sharpen them.

2. When you decide to cheat in 6th grade SRA because everyone else is doing it, you WILL get caught.

3. When living in a large family, eat fast or starve!

4. Life is hard… no one ever said it was going to be easy.

5. If you lose your skate key, you are either out of luck and can’t skate or you are stuck in your skates indefinitely.

6. Trikes are best ridden on flat surfaces, not down steep hills.

7. Everything is better when you have a clean drawer of underwear and a full tank of gas.

8. When given tasks that you don’t want to do, complaining about them and putting them off does not make them any easier or more enjoyable.

9. Trying to be cool does not make life easier.

10. If you bug your mom long enough and make up songs to remind her of what you want, you will eventually win… usually.

11. Friends are amazing. Some will be in your life for a short time and others will stick around for a very very long time. Either way, friends are a blessing and a gift.

12. Sometimes we don’t know what we had until it’s gone.

13. Never say “never.”

14. Everything we say and do has an effect on the stakeholders in our lives in some capacity.

15. Over-thinking things does not always yield the best results. For that matter, neither does NOT thinking things over at all!

16. If you are having trouble getting your glass to be half full, maybe you should scale back and get a smaller glass.

17. If you really like a boy in high school, perhaps it’s best NOT to walk by him in the Commons hoping he will notice you as you trip in your clogs and go down to your knees.

18. If you really love someone, don’t give up… you never know when they might just come out to the mailbox at the perfect moment!

19. Life was much simpler before caller ID, pagers and cell phones.

20. Holding car keys in the grocery store before you have your license DOES make you look cool.

21. Loving another person does not guarantee happiness.

22. Loving is difficult and some days it is a choice.

23. We were all young once…

24. Life without God… there are no words.

25. Today, I am as old as I’ve ever been… just sayin’.

I think this list of things I’ve learned over my almost 50 years could go on and on. Each moment in time brings new life. We are constantly learning lessons – some more difficult than others. We must embrace each of the moments we are given and choose to make the best of them. I believe that in every situation there is something good and right, even if it takes a bit longer to find it.

Some lessons we learn are meant just for us. Others are meant to share. My list is just a glimpse of the crazy, hard, amazing, happy, meaningful and purposeful life that I’ve lived thus far. Even though I’ve grumbled and complained along the way, I would not change any of it for the world!




One thought on “Everything I’ve Learned…

  1. Very poignant with great pictures. Who is that lady with the top knot? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with your talented writing skills. Happy 50th!

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