Gratitude Friday


Well, 2012 is here and this is the first moment I have had free to sit and actually write.  The first 20 days have flown by and been extremely busy.  Today is a much needed day of rest in the form of a snow day.  I’ve accomplished very little today, except the dishes and exploring my new blog site.  I am trying very hard not to feel guilty.  If I had been at work I would have been very busy and never stopped moving from the moment I arrived.  I’m trying not to think of all the things I need to do just for work alone and it makes me tired!

What does it mean to rest?  Sunday is supposed to be the sabbath day of rest.  On Sunday’s I’m a crazy woman trying to get everything from the weekend done so I can start another week at school.  Why do I feel so guilty “doing nothing” or accomplishing small tasks that have no real significance?  I fantasize an afternoon curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, hot tea and a good book.  But because there are so many things to be done, putting myself in that relaxed setting seems almost impossible.  I am always aware of the many things that need to be done around me, from the visible ones to the hidden ones that constantly loom in my mind.  You know, those drawers and closets that you have every good intention of cleaning out and organizing.  I’m thinking of one right now that has been on my mental “To Do” list for a very long time.  Out of sight, out of mind…. until I sit down to rest and take personal time for me.  Life moves at an unhealthy pace and we all fall prey to the hurry and hustle around us.  How often to you indulge in a day of rest to rekindle the things you are passionate about?  If you could have that day, what would it look like?  I think we all need to take more time to refresh and restore our souls.

Today I am grateful for this unexpected day of rest and the beautiful snow outside.  I’m also going to learn from my cat… now she knows how to rest!


One thought on “Rest…

  1. Three cheers for resting! I know what you mean. I have to step back and actually say the words, “Who cares?” sometimes. I know life is about balance but whenever I actually achieve balance I feel guilty that the rest is in balance with the responsibility. It’s my Midwestern Lutheran genes that chastise me in my ear, forever berating and scolding me for being lazy. I wish they would just once do what Midwestern Lutherans actually do–give me the silent treatment. But here’s the thing. You will never one day look back as you are about to leave this world and think to yourself, Well, Self, you always did the dishes. Nicely done. Nicely done.

    So go read your book, lady.

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