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Oh, What A Year!

Oh what a year!  Some good… some bad… some ugly… some beautiful!  Here’s my take away from 2013…

1.  The beginning of a new calendar year does not mean the tough things from the previous year are done and over.  It’s truly just another day on the calendar. What changes is how I choose to face the day and the journey in front of me.

2.  Perseverating on pet peeves only leads to more pet peeves.  (This plays out before me daily on my drive home from work!)

3.  Depression is about what happened yesterday… and yesterday is over.  Anxiety is worrying about tomorrow… and tomorrow is not here yet.

4.  Seize the moment… live now… be thankful always and find joy in what I am doing. (Yes, even in the domestic chores!)

5.  Taking good care of myself is key to my health and well-being.  This must be a priority. I learned the hard way.

6.  Age is just a number… it’s my state of mind that really determines how young or old I feel.

7.  Thinking about doing something is not the same as actually doing it.

8.  Pursue my passions… no one else can do it for me.

9.  Learn to say no… and my “yes” will mean more.

10. Speak truth cradled by grace…always.

“My hope is that you will take from 2013 only that which will make you a better, stronger and happier person and leave the rest.” (Lisa Gregory – post on FB)

It’s so easy to drag the luggage from one year into the next… sometimes that’s easier.  It’s familiar.  It’s comfortable.  It’s miserable.

While each year is 365 days, they seem to be passing more quickly.  Wasn’t it just December 31, 2012?  In the blink of an eye the year has come and gone.

It’s been a year of love, loss, laughter, struggle, passion, death, remembrance, illness, health, healing, Jesus, hard work, tears, growth, pain, relationship, change, honesty, secrets, family, friends…

While tomorrow is just another day, it’s a day that can be a bend in the road… a fork in the road… a new path to take… a continuation of our current journey… a brand new journey.


renewed faith… renewed strength – spiritual, emotional & physical… renewed relationships… love deeply even when it feels difficult… work hard and enjoy what I do… play more… laugh more… love more… live clean and healthy… pick up and dust off when I fall… rest when rest is needed… never share truth without grace… praise Him – even in the storms…


A blessing for each of you as we begin a new year…

“And now may the courage of early morning’s dawning,
And the strength of eternal hills at noontime,
And the peace of open spaces at evening’s ending,
And the love of God abide in your hearts now and forever.” Amen.
                 – Harry K. Zeller, from the BRETHREN HYMNAL


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